Alien abduction dreams anyone

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chelsnicolle, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. In my dream it was night time and I was running away from flying sharp discs I can hear them fly past my ears and cut through the tall grass also there were bright lights shining down everywhere trying to find me until final I was yanked extremely hard into the sky than I woke up 😳

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  2. Ok

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  3. Are you sure this was a dream? Aha i swear im not trying to trip you out or anything but people actually do get abducted..
  4. I have dreams of Hell.
    At least aliens stop tormenting you once your dead. I have to worry about everlasting torture.  :confused_2:
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    Well, sweetie do you think of hell before bedtime? Hahaa
  6. No, it just happens every month or so.

    I'm not sure why.

    and please don't call me sweetie unless you're female. :p
  7. Aha alright.. And that really sucks dude maybe do a little research as of why your having these dreams?
  8. Why would aliens come here to abduct us?
  9. My theory is God is giving me a chance to be a better person.

    I don't need google to tell me that.
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    Last year I seen a couple of UFO's no doubt about it. No way it was a plane the way it was moving and how it was shaped. So anyways, I end up buying a quarter ounce from my regular dealer. Everything seems good for a few days but then I smoke a big bowl from my bong and found that I didn't feel high at all. Usually a lot less would make me super baked since I had a very low tolerance. I remember emptying the ash out of my bowl and that's it. I literally forgot everything that happened after that. Since it was like midnight I woke up in my bed confused as hell, my bong was put away inside my bag but my bag of weed was gone. No one lives with me and the only thing I remember that night is very blurry is seeing bright blue lights shining on my wall. I still don't know where the bag of weed is but I have a feeling some aliens are having a hell of a good time lol. I know it seems far fetched but this actually did happen but what happened I don't know.

    Edit: forgot to mention that this happened about 2 weeks after I seen those UFO's in the sky.

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    To do experiments and such.. i think thats one of the biggest reasons.. Call me crazy, but whats really crazy is how some people believe that humans are the only ones out there.. in this massive, massive universe..
  12. Wow.. great story dude, lol maybe you smoked all of that weed with the aliens and you got so stoned that you dont remember it...
  13. Why? What experiments could they possibly be doing that would warrant years upon years of abductions? We have meducal journsls and textbooks there is nothibg they could be doing that would make sense unless thry were trying to evolve us and even then it doesnt make sense. Why hide themselves? If they dont want to disturb us that might work but traveling light years to stare at us seems too much
  14. Well, there are millions upon millions of UFO sightings and hundreds of abduction stories, and maybe they take us for bigger reasons, idk, but one thing i do know is that they are real and people have been abducted.. For example, when my great grandmother was on her deathbed she said that she was abducted, and it was one of the very last things she said.. I dont hold all the answers but i know for sure that there out there..
  15. Not much is known of the true purpose of dreams, though I read that most psychologists believe your dreams do not have any significance in your life, and that the events taking place in your dreams are just an adaptation of what previously happened that day.
    That being said, maybe you had a horrible day lately and your mind is exaggerating how you felt? Or you just dreamt of hell, shit happens.
    I wish I could say I have dreamt about UFOs, but I haven't been able to remember a dream for the last two or three years, and don't remember a UFO dream preceding that time as well. 
  16. If we found aliens on another planet of course we would study them. The reason why we would be studied is for information and to learn everything there is to know about us. Maybe our genetics are similar so it interest them.

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