alien abduction caught on tape

Discussion in 'General' started by SIR_JANE, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Hmm, not enough evidence to tell. Though I dont think we are the only lifeforms in the universe. So..who knows?
  2. wierd.. would've considered it credible though if they had actually interviewed the "abductee."
  3. Interesting, there is not really much to it, but... interesting

  4. Are you serious what about the time change how do you explain that?

    also if you click pause at 103 u can clearly see hes flailinglook to the guys dat thank this is fake look if saw many fake footage of alien abducutions and this is tha most convincing one cause for one thang lets start at da flash of light was to bright to be fake and plus if u notice that the cameras were in different rooms and if u eva saw a camera work they are conected to the same wire so sumthin knocked them out and also the time...where dus a person go fo 2 hours and then anotha flash of light pops up then hes laying there im mean come on Please...Watch it over and over at about the 11 second mark when it's distorted and darkish and tell me, for a just a split second, you don't see a guy bent over at the waist and flailing his arms while being drawn upwards. A hoax would have made THAT part much more viewable. Even the show missed it or they would have capitalized on the sensationalism of it. They would have enhanced and filtered it and made it a pivotal showcase to be sure. I am profoundly certain this video is NOT a "fake".
  5. i was once abducted by a craft full of green horny women,,,, they had thier way with me for hours''':rolleyes:

    and then returned me to earth,,,, sometimes i look into the heavens hoping for thier return !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  6. meh, i want some starwars shit.
  7. I just got done GMing a Star Wars d20 Saga campaign.
  8. thats not really what i meant
  9. Freaky freaky...gave my the willy jillys or what ever there called
  10. to all you paid people who gave me shit about ''no evidence'' or ''its fake''

    how do you explain him throwing up and being in the fetal position after the big flash of light?
  11. uhh obviously the terrorists through a flashbang and carried him off to help plant the bomb, and he ran away so fast away from A site and threw up from the lack of physical condition he's in. But seriously, that's whack yo.

  12. how much do THEY pay you to come to forums to make up shit about the truth?
  13. how do you know greys abducted him?

  14. Yeah Magick, who's bank rolling your bullshit? :smoke:
  15. wtf? the video is 5:43 minutes long and it just stops at 2:46 minutes. it wont play the rest of it :mad:
  16. Who really belives in aliens or something other life force around our Universe

    Think of how outright huge Space and everything beyond it, billions of light years, do you really think there could possibly be anything out there?
  17. Im tripping mad balls watching this.

    I hope aliens dont come suck my house out of the ground or some shit.
  18. I think the real question here is, do you really think that there isnt anything else out there?

    As big as the universe is, I cant honestly believe that we are the only ones here.
  19. Suppose it IS the greys... They've been up to that shit for years. Nothing new.
    Government knows, they don't care - all they do is just deny knowledge.

    What we really need to be concerned about are the Reptilians. If they show up we're fucked! But I highly doubt that would be the case because it would happen all at once. And we still have another 4 years until hell breaks loose.

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