Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Palmer Eldritch, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. ok. Explaination:

    I've been thinking pretty intently on a reillustration of Alice in Wonderland to make it seem more mercury-induced-psychosis like. The original prints are ok, but they don't seem to capture the darker interperetation of the book. I can't stand the disney version at all, style-wise.

    so at school 2 days ago I was just sketching out something and it became this. A nondescript, vaguely AiW inspired drawing. I liked the character so I wanted to refine her. What I liked most was the elongated neck which could be used to convey wonder and naivity quite well. When I did a formal character build, I completely changed her from her alice roots and she became just a tripped out hippie chick. While its cool, I can't use it for the reillustration if I so choose to go through with the project. I'll probably change it to some 19 century riding or travel dress. The hair will change. I'm thinking the eyes will be different as well.

  2. oh yeah, an intermediate sketch:

  3. I've always been kinda partial to the Disney look....too bad.
    I do like the eyes you did on the hippie version.

    This seems interesting, however...I like anything that's Alice themed, generally.

    But I have one question...who is being reflected in the mirror in the second picture? For some reason it looks like Mario to me...:confused:
  4. its a tweedle form the disney version. sorta
  5. the picture in the second post looks like ms. crabolple (sp?), the teacher from the simpsons...
  6. can't see any pics
  7. Ak, I cant see the pics either, what format did you post them in? maybe only some of us can see them, or maybe my computer is too stoned again. Ahh i want to seeeeee!
  8. cant see Krapp ither :D
  9. nope, I just changed the site that they were hosted on. I haven't gotten the chance to upload them to yet
  10. theres already a horror version of alice, she walks around with a knife and all.... just look for the game American McGee's Alice, its awesome
  11. yeah I know, I loved that game. Its mood is what I'm going for but not the actual story that the game told nor the artistic style that it had.

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