Alice in Wonderland/The Wall

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    I got pretty high last night with my friends and I decided "you know what I haven't done yet? Watched Alice in Wonderland along to Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'", because apparently that's a very typical thing for stoners to do at some point of their life if they want some trippy amusement. First off, it was brilliant, it was like watching a really long music video along to a whole album (I really like Alice in Wonderland anyway); it syncs really well to it and secondly, well... if you haven't seen it for yourself already...


    Just click there. I suggest you have a few bowls or whatever before you do so though.
    Peace and enjoy, blades.
  2. I prefer DSotM synched to The Wizard of Oz.
  3. Haven't tried that yet, but I intend to one day.
  4. It's absolutely great.

    If you can't find it already synched, start DSotM at the third roar of the MGM Lion.

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