Alice in Chains...then or now?

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  1. Just curious what ya all think of the new Alice in Chains band

    I was a huge fan of the original AIC...with Layne (vocalist)
    To me his voice was unreplaceable...i felt the songs were more potent with his voice, and just really dug the old albums so much

    on the flipside.....i was reluctant to hear any of the new bands music when it started coming out....took me awhile to give an honest listen to the new me tho, their style just isn't the same....or as heavy as the original AIC...i do think a few of the songs are ok tho....but MY opinion is....i feel they shoulda changed the bands name maybe....left AIC and their fans respectful of Layne and their style from then. :rolleyes: this is JMO tho

    what do you guys think?
  2. I saw them live with there newer singer and he actually sounded a lot like Layne live. But yeah you can never beat the original.
  3. Dirt to me was a fucking masterpiece. I dont really like the new stuff, Its not my thing.
  4. :hello: Dirt was a masterpiece....i played that thing to death for years
    Jar of Flies was pretty great as well
  5. I found dirt when i was like 7 or 8 In my moms boyfriends cds. I played the shit out of it as well. Used to know all the words. And the fucking ROOSTER
  6. Of course, I love the original AIC more than the new group. It just isn't quite the same without Layne. His vocals and his songs were great and it's a shame we won't be hearing any more from him, but the new group is pretty good too.

    Jerry Cantrell was the real driving force behind the band, maybe even more so than Layne. He wrote a vast majority of the bands songs, Layne only wrote a handful and co wrote a few with Cantrell. I was relieved when I listened to the new album and heard Cantrell doing lead vocals, with DuVall doing backup vocals and rhythm guitar.

    The band is still great, but Layne will always be missed.

    Here's what I think is the best song from their new album:
    [ame=]YouTube - Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue - Private Hell [CD ALBUM QUALITY!][/ame]
  7. I'm a huge fan of their older stuff with Layne. Nutshell, No Excuses, Got Me Wrong, Would?, Brother, etc. I'd like fans of the newer stuff to point me to their favorite songs so I can get a feel for it. I listened to Private Hell and I think it's alright. Would prefer something more up tempo.
  8. Then. Alice in Chains was a huge part of the early 90s probably for most people that grew up then, myself included. Facelift, Sap, Dirt, and Jar of Flies are all distinct from each other but equally great at the same time, not many bands can do that and everytime I listen to those albums, which is a lot of the time, I love them just as much as I did the first time I heard em.

    As far as their new material, I've probably heard a snippet of one song, and as open minded as I try to be, its just not the same. Even though Jerry Cantrell has always been the brains behind it all, Layne was a big part of the band in the sense that he brought that really moody, dark atmosphere which cant be duplicated or replicated or any of that shit. Plus I dont like Lenny Kravitz, how did he end up in AIC anyway? Hahaha!
  9. totally agree with you about Layne bringing the dark, moodyness to AIC, that was their essence to the band and their music, some voices just can't be replaced in my mind

    Now!! wtf are you saying??? :eek: Lenny Kravitz is in the band???? don't get me wrong I love his own music....but he isn't really in the new AIC is he??
  10. Haha it was a joke, William Duvall (thats his name right?) reminds me of Lenny Kravitz.
  11. thank god it was a joke, i just coudn't imagine Lenny there! :p
  12. the new Alice in chains isnt bad imo...
    [ame=]YouTube - Alice In Chains - Lesson Learned[/ame]
  13. Tears fill my bong.

    Somebody check my brain :rolleyes:

    Nothing beats the oldschool though
  14. This is my favorite song of the new album:
    [ame=]YouTube - Alice In Chains - A Looking In View[/ame]
    Looking in view

    [ame=]YouTube - Alice In Chains - Last Of My Kind[/ame]
    Last of my kind is pretty bad ass too, but no one can ever replace Layne. I love AIC back then and Mad Season, his voice is amazing on so many levels so is the energy he brings to the songs. Honestly I have no problem with them keeping the name, just cause Layne decided to OD on heroin does not mean they have to start everything over. The rest of the band is still the same.
  15. If you don't think that AIC can still make some really emotional tunes, then you haven't heard the final track on their CD. Definitely about Layne.

    [ame=]YouTube - Alice in Chains - 11 - Black gives way to blue - Black gives way to blue 2009[/ame]

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