Alice in Chains or any other alterbative bands?

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  1. I love Alice in Chains, especially when I'm high. Anyone else feel that way? 90s alternative/grunge music?
  2. yeah man layne staley and jerry had the best vibe going.. Don't think they shoulda got grouped as "grunge" but it worked for them

    [ame=]‪Alice In Chains - Again (1996)‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  3. I love them. When im stoned, rooster and down in a hole are my picks. I can dig the new stuff, but ill take the old stuff anyday over it.
  4. Yeah man, older stuff is better but the new is still good. I just love music like that.
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  6. I'm thinking that with the death of their bassist maybe we will get a dirt 2.0
  7. Alice in Chains was definitely one of the best bands of the 90s, and one of my favorite bands period, although I havent listened to the new stuff, I just cant bring myself to. Anyway though, the versatility, the vocal harmonies, AIC just did everything so well. For me, they're the definitive Seattle band, whether its grunge or metal or whatever, it doesnt matter. :smoke:
  8. I'm listening to the last album with layne and it's just fucking amazing

    brush away
    sludge factory
    God Am

    these songs make me think so fuckin much lol

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