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  1. Hey,

    I'm thinking of putting in an order for a 480w quantum board from Canna Technology on Alibaba and wondered whether somebody with more knowledge could tell if it's a decent deal or not. I have almost zero knowledge when it comes to lights but I am led to believe that the PPFD is the important factor when dealing with LEDS?

    I know others have had success with Alibaba and wondered whether this supplier has been recommended / advised against? So far the customer service has been spot on, I have asked for more details on the specs of the lights and heatsink, we'll see what they say.

    Thanks for having a look, all help is very much appreciated Screenshot_2019-07-24-17-43-45.jpg Screenshot_2019-07-24-17-42-01.jpg

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  2. Check out "HLG the supplier" in the lighting thread.

    Good chunk of savings to be had
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  3. I got impatient, temps are hitting 40c! I bought the light :) it cost me £324 in total and is a dimmable 480W Quantum Board with 988 Samsung lm301b diodes at the 3500k spectrum. There are also 48 red diodes, 8 UV diodes and 8 IR diodes. It comes pre assembled with a MeanWell driver and separate switch for the UV +IR all under a 3 year warranty. The service was excellent, I was told that I will receive a tracking number on Monday and delivery should be within 3-5 days.

    If anybody is interested I can update on the experience but so far it has been really good and I'm pretty sure that's a decent board for the money?

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    I did look at the hydro but I would need two for my space and that took me way over budget. This may turn out to be a costly venture as I'm not experienced with Alibaba but others seem to have had success and I'm impressed by their customer service so far. Fingers crossed

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  5. Thanks for the heads up but i already made a purchase.
    I got no results when I searched 'HLG the supplier'. Are there other references I could use to get me to the relevant posts? Would be useful to be able to compare quality, efficiency etc.

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  6. Do you have a link for the product? I ordered a QB lm301b v2 kit last month from Alibaba and it arrived to me in the US in 4 days. I'm very impressed with it so far.
  7. You could find a lot of cheap lights there. But i would like suggest you to go with durable suppliers.
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  8. Not me ,
    In the past I bought some products from Alibaba , they all turned out to be knock off's .
    I had a business and happened to be a factory dealer for a certain brand name product .
    The products I bought was one quarter of the price of my dealer cost .
    I was buying in bulk ,and I thought that might be why I was getting such a break on the price .
    All the stuff I bought from them wasn't made by who it said it really was .
    It was a real pain in the ass.
    I don't know if every known brand name product is a knock off .
    But everything I got was and if you start researching Alibaba they are 100% know for selling fake knock off's products .
    But it seems that 99% of the LED grow lights being sold are not really what they advertise .

    Good luck
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  9. I recently bought my quantum board from They had the best prices and their customer service was super responsive. I received my light 3 days after order. Might want to check them out! Good luck!
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  10. I think if you go with some of the more reputable companies like kingbright your chance of getting knock off diodes is much lower. You can test the output of the diodes under controlled conditions and look at them closely to identify them.

    I do remember a year or so ago a few knock off boards being found out. Not sure which companies. The only post on GC I've seen of a qb board diode burning out is from an Alibaba board. I think the post says quantum board also which is a little irritating to me. HLG invented this board based samsung diode lighting and they called their boards qb boards short for quantum boards which is the name they came up with to set themselves apart.

    The least the copy cat boards could do is come up with their own name but they all call them quantum boards as well. Where's the quantums at? Why not call them something else? They're trying to steal HLG's customers by stealing the name they came up with when they search for them.
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  11. I contacted Samsung and asked if Alibaba is a authorized distributor .
    It took about a hour to get a hold of someone who could give me answer .
    I must of talked to 7 different people .
    The fastest way to get a straight answer was to get on the Samsung chat line .
    The phone numbers to Samsung was a big run around .

    My response from Samsung was Alibaba is not a authorized distributor …..

    Here is there number ,, Really use the chat line the phones calls you really get the run around .
  12. Epistar is making some pretty good diodes these days as well. Their performance is very close. I haven't compared directly but the measurements of the latest lights I've seen with them seem to be close to HLG's numbers with samsung diodes. Even if they use all epistar the board based lights have impressive performance if you're used to older burples or other leds.

    I don't think you have to be an authorized distributor of a company to sell their products. Authorized distributors just get better deals, bulk purchasing, and possible advertisement collaboration. The Alibaba companies could be getting the leds from an authorized dealer themselves in bulk.

    I know for sure at least a few of even the US/UK companies are getting their boards built to their specs by some of the same Chinese companies that are listed here.

    Having the factories that build the boards get into the lighting business suddenly and start selling them themselves is not something that used to happen but welcome to the internet I guess. People started contacting these factories for the lights so they started building their own and listing them instead of waiting for bulk orders.
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  13. Alibaba has list of law suits for selling knock off products a mile long .

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