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Discussion in 'General' started by Livingalife, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. For anyone, how many of yall like math? Any type (calculus, algebra, geometry). I'm in collge Algebra and it sucks. Its very confusing. I like math, but when I don't understand it I hate it. Agree with me?
  2. my college math is very easy, it's trigonomerty and like fractions i love it
  3. Im an engineering student, which means all I do ever is math. I like it an all but sometimes the calculus flies right over my head. Triple integration problems eeeekkkkk.
    I can't spend too much time on it or else my head hurts, then I'll smoke a bowl :) I guess I am a little bit of a math geek
  4. Meh... I have always been good at math. I was doing division and multiplication before I even knew what it was. I just can't stand the regular routine of class. It sucks. I wish our society was aimed more towards the individual rather than the masses.
  5. I'm a math guy by nature and was thinking about majoring in some sort of mathetic field for my career and realized that i dont enjoy it and need to do something i enjoy with my life.

    Majoring in pharmaceutical science :)
  6. Being an engineer I have come to appreciate math.

    I do not necessarily like it- but it's not that bad.

    The only thing I HATE about math is the homework. I hate doing it. I do not see the point in doing 30 problems when you are using the same formula.

    My thoughts are if you can do the hardest problem, you are pretty well set.

    That hasn't failed me since.

    One thing that helped me was to realize- it is all just a formula. Think of it in terms of x & y and plug in the values and you are set. As long as you can memorize the formula and your PEMDAS you can solve almost any equation (given you select the correct formula to use)

    Try not to understand it too much if you don't have to- thats when you over complicate things for yourself.

  7. im taking college algebra right now. Its not bad because ive had real good teachers. Soon well be geting into functions and parabolas and shit that uses those graphing calculators.:confused: but ya, its my last algebra class unless I need some when i transfer i dont see why i would

    im a business major which means i only have to take business calculus. Engineering students are the ones who take alot of calc for sure. I feel sorry for you, do work son
  8. ahahaha, FUCK math mayne. my worst subject, I could do science any day (besides any amth-related parts) but math jus goes in one ear and out the otha. I can do basica math fine, jus not algebra n shit.
  9. I'm HORRIBLE with most math. Basic Algebra is where my level of intelligence stops. I hate math too. It doesn't impress me when people can memorize a formula. I mean, its definitly something, but I'm much much much better with English and History.
  10. Parabolas and shit like that aren't that tough actually. I didn't do good on them but it wasn't because I didn't understand it, it was because I didn't memorize the formula shit for it.

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