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  1. I have 6 aqua farms going and my plants are looking really good. I`m using perlite as my medium and using maxigro nutes. My buckets are forming a layer of alge on top. Will this hurt the plants? I`m using 500 hps 24/7. Plants are now 3 weeks old.
  2. my guess is will retard growth.

    keep it to a very low population.

    a layer is alot...its taking food and putting in pollutants. its using up oxygen.

    i dont likethe sound of that. draw em down and clean em up without chem's. good ol' fashon scrubbie and hot water.
  3. I dont think its good either but the perlite is actually turning green not the bucket. If I were to add some alge eliminator like you would put in an aquarium would that hurt the plants? It dont hurt fish.

  4. HIGH All, good question...I don't know..I use SM90 when any sign of problems arise.
    If you do use one plant and go from there...hate to see you lose your babies.
  5. well its not suppose to but why take a risk with sumthing that not only u luv but are gonna smoke.

    maybe replace it every now and again.

    and unoit...what do u do with these?????

    u growing in bagpipes now?

  6. HIGH All, *LOL* plus LMFAO.F.F.F. with tears running down my cheeks *LOL*

    No my friend *LOL* SM90 sorry forgot the - in SM-90
  7. the same thing happens in my pots... i hav and ebb and flow and im growin a couple chili peppers and my ganj seeds are germinating.... its like a thin green layer and i just stir up the medium every couple days... doesnt seem to hurt the plants so idk.....
  8. cover your media with something light proof.
    i use black & white plastic.
  9. ohhhh good thought THUG
    (didnt think i would ever say that sentance:)

    yes ur media should be covered from light.

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