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  1. So I have algae forming on the top of my rockwool as you can see in the pictures. My solution is going to be clean/kill the algae and then cover it by filling the rest of the pot with hydrodon but what should I use to clean off/kill the algae

    and I'm still getting some spots, I was kicking around magnesium def for a minute and still kinda think that is what the problem is any ideas on either problem while I continue my searching...I would relly appreciate

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  2. What hydro method is that? It looks way too wet. Use hydrogen peroxide to kill algea and less moisture helps prevent.
  3. Back it up......you need to go to detention right now, mister!!!!

    Man....yeah, ummmm.....that's kinda rough-lookin' right there. I'm going out on a limb, here and assuming you're doing a DWC-style grow, right? Looks like you're recirculating the res water back onto your plants.....OK, nothing wrong with that, but you need to get some hydroton in there and that rockwool out ASAP. The roots need to hang down into the reservoir in a loose, air-friendly environment. Slime forms because light gets to water...and in your case, the rockwool is acting like a big ole sponge--just sitting there getting nasty. The rockwool shouldn't be too hard to remove from the roots as I'm sure is quite soggy and degraded by now. Carefully pull as much of it as you can away and then put them back in a proper net pot in hydroton so those roots can get big. The spots you're seeing on the plants are from a high PH lever in your reservoir. But that's secondary to the above things I have mentioned.

    Good Luck!! :smoking:
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    siiiiick thanks guys so this is what i have done... removed as much of the rockwool as possible and filled the pots with hydroton and checked my ph. My PH is still fine (5.7) but I think I might run a flush. the roots dandle down lovely they almost reach into my water. (5gallons in 18gallon tote) I'll take some picture soon of what I did. oh and algae wasn't too freakin bad cause it was only on the top but i still removed as much rockwool as possible
  5. Its a bubbleponics type of grow similar to the stealthhydro.com system

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