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  1. I've been on a Hitchcock bender lately

    North By Northwest
    Rear Window
    Strangers on a Train

    I've got Spellbound downloaded for later, but I'm running out of top tier Hitchcock movies to watch. I've seen Psycho a bunch of times, so I think I'm going to skip that. What should be the next one I see?

    So far I think North By Northwest is my favorite

    [ame=""]YouTube - North by Northwest Trailer[/ame]
  2. I used to like the show
  3. Got to bump this thread...

    Since last I posted I've seen To Catch A Thief, Dial M For Murder, and I've rewatched Psycho

    Got to be more Alfred Hitchcock fans out there
  4. Well Frenzy is a good look into Hitchcock's late career and shows a much more brutal side to him... You've pretty much scene all of his mainstream popular movies, so why not go for a few of his more obscure ones.

    The Man Who Knew Too Much
    The Trouble With Harry
    Lifeboat (GREAT!)
    Rebecca (probably chilled me more than any other Hitchcock movie)

    If I had to pick a favorite Hitchcock movie? It would probably be Rope just for the sheer ambitiousness.
  5. I think Suspicion is next in line


    I do want to see The Trouble With Harry, too and several other of your suggestions
  6. [ame=""]YouTube - Vertigo Trailer[/ame]
  7. I've just bought his complete collection. I've only seen Psycho and The Birds, so I can't suggest to you which one to watch next. I'm not sure whether I should get his "Alfred Hitchcock Presents..." collections. Are they any good/on the same level as his films?

    Perhaps you might find this page on Hitchcock/Saul Bass collaborations interesting.
  8. He only directed a handful of them and I really haven't seen many of them, so I really can't say. If you're a completist, go for it, but part of the allure of Hitchcock, to me anyways, are the stars he had in his films and I feel no real urge to actively seek out those shows.

    Here's an updated list of the films I've seen, loosely ranked:

    North By Northwest


    Strangers on a Train
    Shadow of a Doubt
    Rear Window
    To Catch A Thief
    Dial M For Murder
  9. One night North By Northwest came on television and I convinced my family to watch it. I was completely blazed and felt the need to break down why it was such a genius movie. I totally felt them getting into it as none of them had seen it before. Awesome experience.

    I even went on to talk about how just about everything in the film was shot using a blue screen (or similar effects.) Which I totally pulled out of my ass and I don't think is actually true.:smoking:
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    ive only seen 'rear window'. MAN that is a deceptively thrilling/scary flick. my mom told me to watch it and i saw that it was made in like the 50s or something and i was not all that excited about it but i was very pleasantly surprised at how damn fast it got my heart beating
  11. Well, bluescreen didn't exist back then, but Hitchcock loved to use rear projection, or "process shots" where they'd shoot the background on location and then project it onto a screen and the main actors would act in front of it inside a studio. You can see it whenever someone's driving in a car pretty much, and more specifically when Cary Grant is running from the crop duster and running away from the exploding truck. Sometimes it looked really good and other times it looked fucking awful...

    I was out this weekend buying a new DVD player and I found a collection of 20 early Hitchcock movies for $10...there are only a handful that are supposed to be any good (The 39 Steps, The Lady Vanishes, Sabotage...) but for $10 how am I going to pass that up?
  12. Just saw Rebecca yesterday....Joan Fontaine is just beautiful


    It was a bit long, but very very good
  13. What did you think about Rope by the way Sky? It's probably my favorite of all his movies, probably just because of its ambition and because I love stage plays... and that's pretty much what it is.

    Did you like all those burning homosexual undertones in the beginning?
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    Foop, I really love Rope too!

    But you know, Rebecca is still just the most amazing Hitchcock movie. That book is amazing and the movie did it so much justice.
  15. I liked it, but it's not one I could watch over and over... All the gay innuendo (or should I say lack of it) was pretty interesting. I mean, looking at it from a 2009 perspective they don't really seem gay and I guess that's how the studio wanted it. They just come across as rich, haha...all nicely dressed with a crazy penthouse apartment and they're college students...

    I'm going to side with Hitchcock when he said that films really get their emotional power from the ability to cut scenes and the use of montage

    Overall though I'd say 7/10
  16. Hitchcock is the shit! what he does with shadows and angles is genius.
  17. Wow I can't believe this thread hasn't had a post since 2009. I'm currently taking a Hitchcock film class at my university and it has been amazing. So far I've watched the 39 steps (which I thought had way too many implausible escape scenes) and Sabotage (which I really enjoyed: great acting, great story and plot twist). Currently I'm watching Secret Agent. It's ok so far. Thoughts on these movies?

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