Alfalfa meal causing TMV?

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  1. Can anyone clarify this rumor with some sources or personal experiences. I'm looking into TMV because I believe my whole crop has it and I have used alfalfa meal before. It would be a bummer to find out if its true because alfalfa meal has all sorts of good shit in it.
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    Vox, the tinfoil hat is on too tight.:D

    Where did you hear this? I have never heard TMV and alfalfa mentioned in the same sentence, much less in relation to each other. Been using alfalfa meal for a couple of years now.

    Have you done a test for TMV? I know mj is supposed to be susceptible to TMV, but I have never seen a confirmed infection. Not saying it can't happen, just never seen it.

  3. I have never heard this either, I have another thread in the sick plants section with pics regarding my infection and someone said that alfalfa meal can carry it, they dont have any sources as far as I know. The tinfoil hat is strong in me because all my girls are infected and Im paranoid, or are they infected...? I cant do a test for TMV because I dont know where to get one and Im broke :(
  4. Ya, the test aren't cheap, ~$50 for 10 or so IIRC.

    But, usually it's something else, or, at least that's been the case when someone thought they had it.

    Can you put up a link to the thread?

  5. As far as I know, mosaic virus is carried by tobacco and can be transferred by smoking tobacco around your plants.

    I don't know how true that is, but I would suspect tobacco over alfalfa.

    Seems to be a lot of information coming out dissing organic methods. Makes my tin foil hat tingle.
  6. It's viral, I posted in the other forum.
  7. Can you post a link Please
  8. Just thinking absent-mindedly it sorta seems to me that Alfalfa would be more likely to be hit with Alfalfa mosaic virus vs. Tobacco mosaic virus

    YMMV - as usual.

  9. TMV can affect lots of other plants though. I don't think that smoking tobacco in the grow room can spread it but Im pretty sure smoking and handling your plants afterwards will do the trick. This is the first I have heard that alfalfa has a virus of its own, does it affect cannabis as harshly as TMV?

    I don't have a link, thats what you guys are for! This is pure rumor and I'm calling b.s but just veryfying the bullshit.
  10. Alfalfa mosaic virus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Tobacco mosaic virus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  11. Ok, what weedroid just threw up was info about the virus yes, but also info saying that it can be counteracted is genetically modifying things? Hell no, I shall never create or injest (To my knowledge) Cannabis that has been genetically altered.

    The question remains, can cannabis fight off such viruses to a point where yield does not suffer.. It seems that if my Sativa has it, it is doing just that because it seems to be ok and the problems are not spreading.

    I dont think growers should worry about alfalfa meal though, we should embrace and grow the sticky we all love and know with it!
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    Plants get colds, they get viruses, they can be moved in seed form, they are common, they have viruses in the thousands, they get sick like we do. I throw any I find out if they are not self-limiting, and I have in the last week, luckily just one. I wait for it to move into newly growing leaves from the set of leaves I noticed it in, if it doesn't spread from the first set of leaves noticed, then the plants immune system is good. If it has moved to another area of the plant's new growth, or to another plant, toss it/them. Don't name it, just call it a cold and move on.

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