Alfalfa ferment or tea?

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  1. I've been reading alot about alfalfa and tricantonol. So much mixed information between tea and ferments. Even just top dressing it. I've done top dress my last grow in the beginning of flower. Then a tea mid flower. Hard for me to say since i had no clones if it did anything. From what I've read i think the fermentation is what I've settled on. I made one with alfalfa meal, lactic acid, molasses, and filtered water. Stirring every 12hrs or so for 3 days. Was afraid of anaerobic environment because everything thus far was about aerobic environment for me. I believe 7-14 days is ideal. But i see KNF works well for many people. I've regrettably watered it to my whole grow but 1 clone. So i can tell the difference, they both get the exact same inputs. Difference will be the alfalfa ferment and kelp extract with molasses. Plants look fine so far. But I'd like to find a way to successfully make my own tricantonol booster. Anyone have experience with proven success with either alfalfa tea or ferment? I could always just buy a tricantonol bud booster. But don't know if its justifiable with the successful yeilds I've gotten without it. But I'd rather have the fun of ordering straight tricantonol and mixing it up so it's readily available in my own made pgr fertilizer. Any input would be amazing. Sorry for the long post but I'm just obsessed with this plant and all the ways to grow it. 20221005_165322.jpg
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