Alex K vs. SSFG showerhead

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    so while i was at work mail man dropped my ssfg showeheads, never saw a review and comparison on here with alex my 1st ever review here it goes:
    alex k from alt 5" 18/18 $50.00
    SSFG shower heads 2.5" 14/18 $35.00 each
    i love the alex k love how its clean cut works amazing in my lil beaker would not change one thing but it is 50 bux and in standard sizes, the ssfg were formed and looks as if a dremel was used 2 cut the slots BUT for the price diffrence and getting custom size is sick, and i needed 2.5 which is hard 2 find a reg downstem so im happy balances out, function wise alex k is basically drag-less notice no diffrence with it in or no downstem, the ssfg i can feel a more drag then the alex k but it is so minimal i really had to feel for it and even then was on the fence other wise almost felt identical i say if ur looking for a cheaper version custom size go with ssfg if u find an alex k ur size and got the money go with alex k either way i love both!!! i did blank hits cuz i have 2 get clean for a work piss test and here are the diffusion pix FORGOT 2 MENTION they were super fast had my order at my door in 7days

    ALEX K
  2. great review vato, the difference between Alex K and SSFG's cutting style is not even close wow. SSFG are great dont get me wrong, but in comparison it looks like a little kid cut it with a dremel lol. But when you see the bubble patterns they are very similar so for 20 or 30 bucks less it might be a nice alternative.
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    jaja yea it is alot diff, they both work AWESOME tho better then regs or slots even pierced, if i wuld of gotten 2 alex k's and had a glass artist cut them down it wuld of been 120+ for those 2 i payed 84 total

  4. Nice thread, it's cool how even with the still shots you can tell the Alex K diffuses better.
  5. This. Also, remember showerheads function best when the are vertical.

  6. wow man i came in here thinking you were talking about shower heads like in the bathroom above the tub. even when i came in it started at the bottom and as i scrolled up i thought your pics were water droplets. its 6:07 am, i think its time for bed

  7. jaja well gudnite man, its only 3 here....ur not far from it man if u put these under the faucet or hose u''ll see why they are called showerheads
  8. BUMP if anyone is intrested
  9. Thanks for the review. I was curious as to whether or not the clear on the ssfg feels a bit restricted compared to a sheldon black style diffy. Since the slits are so narrow and there isn't any hole at the bottom, I was wondering if it feels a bit draggy when clearing compared to a sheldon black style where the small holes fire during the hit and once cleared, the air is free to rush out the bottom hole. With the alex k that doesn't seem to be an issue as the slits have some width to them, but with the ssfg, just by looking at it, it seems like it would be noticeable, but idk.

  10. it seems as that wuld be the case, but no man its identical, very very little drag unnoticeable almost!!!
  11. Good to hear then. I'm thinking about picking up a whole setup from ssfg, their tube+showerhead downstem+ice pinch slide combos are just such a great deal.
  12. Good comparison, I wasnt an alex k, 2010 or SG diffy when I get my new bong but we'll see what's available. If no luck then SSFG.

  13. deff an i like there work, im thinking thats going 2 be my next real buy, altho i hope they do diffrent cutting on there worked downstems
  14. Same cutting. I know lmao. I have 2.

  15. ahh that sux they look so nice 2 be ruined by that, i wonder if we culd ask for flame polish even if its for a lil extra green
  16. Cool review man, I got an Alex K showerhead on the way and I cant wait to see how it hits compared to my .de diffuser.

  17. wats it goin in man? i dont own a .de but hit my friends it was cool, but i LOVED the showerhead, for me it was levels above the .de and if u like the alex k and dont own a disk diffused/honeycomb/or ice pinch bowl i highly recommend it perfect match, after all how gud is a diffuser with no drag if all the smoke and air still go thru one hole???
  18. I have to say that investing the $50 in an Alex K is WELL worth it. I had a previous slit one, EHLE diffuser and a ROOR american style diffuser, you can tell the difference very easily between them and the showerhead. As Vato said the drag is such a difference. I own a 16 arm ZOB and I barely notice drag with the showerhead, but put the slit one in and it changes the whole thing.

    I enjoyed it so much I'm getting another Alex K for my other piece. If you don't want a new piece but want to "upgrade" def. invest in the Alex K.
  19. Gonna be putting the showerhead into my straight, and yeah I already have a Ben Wilson disk diffused slide that I absolutely love.
  20. yea gud advice, o and hey if u look at my 2nd pic u can see a part of ur clips:wave:

    OOOO man ur gunna LOVE the MATCH!!! and in the straight its gunna stack bubbles like a MOFO airflow and diffusion alot more noticeable in the straights!!!

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