Alex K or Leisure 6 arm for my HVY 13" beaker

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  1. Which downstem will be a better upgrade for a beaker?
  2. I think it all comes down to personal preference. I have an Alex K and love it, its the best downstem Ive ever owned. Ive never hit a Leisure, the closest thing Ive hit was a 6 arm percd tube and I honestly think the Alex K diffuses better.
  3. Alex k is the best and its not that much money too
  4. I've own both and the Alex k is smoother and less draggy
  5. Thanks! I will go with the Alex K for my new HVY!! I already have a Alex K in my Left Coast beaker but I wanted to try something new if it was better. I saw a black Alex K I will throw in it! I will post pics soon....
  6. I have a 6 arm and it functions great. Haven't had the chance to try an AK yet but I might have to grab one.

  7. That's sweet! Alex k stuff is always sweet. Enjoy
  8. IVe had my eye on a 6 arm stem that 30 bucks at my LHS and its really high quality and so is the shop. ITs US made and seems liike it would rip like a mofo. THey dont have any Alex K shit thats why i wannna get this so i can pick it up in store and not have wait. What do you guys think. SHould i get the 6? ITs going in my Blue Dot Beaker Bottom thats aroud a foot tall with a splash guard/ice circle in it. Whats somebodys elses opinion
  9. Well if you don't want to wait or buy online support that local store. my alex k was 45 so you would be saving 15 bucks and not have to wait for the mail. 30$ sounds like a good deal to me too
  10. The SG gridded, Alex K and Leisure 6 arm are all very well made and diffuse incredible well. I would recommend all of them over a stock downstem.

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