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  1. I honestly think this guy is batshit crazy, but god I fucking love the guy. Dude doesn't give 0 fucks, probably snorted an 8 ball for breakfast and is out and about straight lurking the street. Shit was like an episode of WWE. LMAO

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  2. Epic.
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  3. What killed me was when the girl in the red dress called him a "fat fuck" and his response was a tangent of conspiracy babble. Lmfao dude is my hero.

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  4. whats scary is how right he had been looking back over the years love him!
  5. Since I'm never going to watch Alex Jones, care to post a few links? I really like my information in McNuggets. Prechewed and mama birded into my mouth if possible.
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  7. will do mon morning
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  8. OMG WWE Network.
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  9. There seems to be some weird guy in the politics section obsessed wth posting Alex Jones memes as if they have a legitimate argument by doing so.
    Usually when I despise people I don't save pictures of them and talk about them nonstop.

    But hey, as long as you're on "the right side of history" right??

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  10. I thought the same thing, but since I like The Joe Rogan Podcast, I fell for listening to this one and was thoroughly entertained:

    Side note, they get high and drunk through the whole thing. haha
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    Alex Jones has flipped 180 degrees. He used to be more about exposing government corruption, "breaking the left-right paradigm", and opening people's minds up to ideas of freedom. Even with his sometimes conservative angle, he had a very decent platform in the day.

    He also helped fund a lot of ground breaking marijuana documentaries way before all this legalization took off. He was a major proponent of marijuana and helped turn a lot of conservatives onto it.

    Now he acts like a hack for the Republican Party so hard, he often reminds me of Rush Limbaugh now.

    People debated before about him sensationalizing, now he constantly sensationalizes on purpose for extra views.

    It became really obvious when he started selling things like Tangy Tangerine... lol... and trying to make Mitt Romney seem like the answer for "Obama's problems".
  12. I respect Alex Jones alot ... despite being labeled as bat shit crazy, he effectively created his own media outlet and generated a mountain of viewers. He effectively positioned himself as the counter to a dishonest media.

    Regardless what you may think of him a and his hyperbole, that dude is some weird coked up genious to created a media empire on conspiracy babble.

    I'm serious, I really do respect him for what he has created.

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  13. He whored his integrity and compromised his standards to create hysteria and wealth, yeah that's admirable.

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  14. I think building an empire is admirable, granted I think hes bat shit crazy, but still impressive.

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  15. The Dennis Rodman of talk radio. :GettingStoned:
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  16. Came here to post this video. Incredible episode, so good they had Eddie Bravo on it too. Not enough flat earth talk though.

    Alex Jones is one of those people that are hard to take seriously with anything, but probably a blast to hang out with
  17. For sure man, it was entertaining to watch; I'm not gonna lie. If I'm honest it actually gave me a little bit of respect for Alex for the simple fact that Jamie fact checked everything he was saying and it was all true... other than the personal opinion stuff.. haha.
  18. Just like almost all others when they get huge, sadly.
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  19. He's a fraud. Thought the dollar was going to crash last year "1 million percent". He then changed the date sin the videos and then deleted them! Classic 1984 down the memory hole!

    I washed my hands of him when David Icke did.
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  20. This is awesome

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