Alex Jones to do 24+ hour live broadcast

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  1. Haha I can't wait to see what a sleep deprived Alex Jones is like :)

    [ame=]YouTube - ALEX JONES to Broadcast 24 plus hours LIVE![/ame]

    Here's a tour of the new studio. The money bomb is going to fund the equipment for it.

    [ame=]YouTube - Help take the INFOWAR to the next level[/ame]
  2. If I remember correctly he said there's going to be a free live stream available at or
  3. Hmmm, why 24+ hour? What's happening? lol. Ima go check out infowars. GOD, I'm so confused.........
  4. uh oh this is gonna be intense. Gotta love Alex though. He can be a little dramatic but he's very factual, and sites his sources. I use to visit info wars every day until it started really fucking with my head, now i visit once or twice a week.
  5. Yeah it can be too much if you visit it a couple times a day.
  6. He's expanding his operations and needs more funding. He's starting a social networking site and needs equipment/employees for his new studio.
  7. "ahhh dude lets get super baked and listen to nonsense conspiracy theories all day"

    this dude says the govt creates fear in the minds of the people in order to better control them.

    well... what is this dudes site doing? the same shit? fear mongering and converting people of the internet generation into paranoid weirdos
  8. This is exactly...EXACTLY like the time Dale Gribble did a 24-hour radio show from his basement

  9. [ame=""]YouTube - Youtube Poop: The Life and Death of Mr. Hill[/ame]

    soo baked sorry ha
  10. Converting people? alex jones does not run a cult he runs a radio show take him like you do any other news source they are all trying to put their own spin on things

  11. sorry if my wording created cult-like imagery in YOUR head. but thats not what i meant. at all. haha
  12. a cult is neither here nor there i just meant alex jones does not convert any one he just gives the news and his opinions on it
  13. I'm so excited I just might shit myself.

  14. i know many people who after visiting this website become complete conspiracy theorists. that is all i was pointing out. his shit seems to have a tendency to change people. and make them more fearful and less trusting
  15. Another good video he just came out with on the money bomb

    [ame=""]YouTube - We're Under Attack: Support Alternative Media in the Infowar[/ame]
  16. those people are just sheep looking for a Shepard they're everywhere. a logical person would take alex jones the same way you would fox or your local news
  17. Just updates on whats going on, but if I see the AntiChrist on the news and they're proclaiming him to be the messiah, I'm running. lol.
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    Not exactly true. There is an array of information displayed on Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! and some of his others that are very factual, much moreso than Fox Fucking News. The information regarding a lot of governmental ties, 9/11 evidence, and so on.

    Funny thing is you use the word sheep, and yet you probably believe the "truth" is defined by majority consensus. Do you really think USA isn't moving towards facism? Do you really think a world government isn't being saught after by very powerful people? What does Bilderberg mean to you? What does building 7 mean to you? What happens when you follow the money and it all leads back to the same group of individuals? Think chemtrails won't have a miserable long term effect on both human health and crop production? How about exposing children' developing immune systems to dozens of vaccinations from infant to adult over the span of 18 years? How about the GMO's in your food? RFID chip in your passport? FEMA camps? How about the pseudoscienfitic bullshit scam called global warming, brought to you by Al Gore, Global elitist. Instead of looking into any of this, you become a bigot, thinking everything is fine, when holy fuck no it isn't.

    Yeah. It can change people. It can bring someone's initial exposure to seeing the world for what it is, and not just how you'd pessimisticly like it to be. I hope when people go there, they can begin to look for themselves, and not take every word AJ says as scripture... he isn't perfect, and he won't go near the corruption and ridiculousness of christianity due to his own beliefs. I figure this is a realitively good trade of, because who really fucking cares? He is otherwise a very dedicated journalist, essientally trying to help dumbasses like yourself. Don't forget that while you wait in line at McDonalds or indulge in some form of self-masturbation, there are litteraly thousands of people fighting for your freedom. Not only your freedom, but your grandchild's freedom aswell, and for the sanctity of Terra (Mother Earth)... Instead you call them "sheep"

    Don't worry, we'll continue to challenge your perspective of reality

    [ame=""]Well, I mean, I guess if he says so right?[/ame]

    [ame=]DEBUNK ME PLEASE...[/ame]
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    bro you have no idea who i am or what i believe so for you to call me a dumbass or say what i define my truth as is laughable. as for me calling people sheep i wasn't refering to everyone who listens to alex jones i was refering to "i know many people who after visiting this website become complete conspiracy theorists. that is all i was pointing out. his shit seems to have a tendency to change people. and make them more fearful and less trusting" as Frank Lucus said.

    actually i listen to alex about twice a week for the last 6 months and if you dont think alex puts his own spin on things well then you must be one of those sheep. and im not using sheep to belittle anyone there are natural born leaders and followers. like i said before any logical person should listen to alex, fox, cnn, your local news all of them if you can and make a conclusion for YOURSELF as they are ALL trying to spin things to their agenda.
  20. This is so epic! Lou Dobbs, Paul Craig Roberts, and Alex Jones snuggling with chuwawas! There's a free live video stream at infowars check it out. I think they've raised $300,000 now.

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