Alex Jones speech on humanity

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  1. I'm hardly making assumptions. I really don't know why you're defending alex jones.

    Can you give me an example of when he's reported news before the MSM, and they have piggy backed onto the story...?

    No. That's called warning someone not to eat a poisonous berry. Fearmongering has other motives than simply the concern of anothers well-being...

    Either they go to his server operating costs, or his nice houses..

    The size of the audience means nothing.

    Lol, nope, I didn't. Give me a source.


    Lol. Keith Olbermann has a lot of listeners too, he must be right about everything!

    Read this about Alex.
    Read this too
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    Yes you are. You're making assumptions that Alex Jones makes assumptions. I can tell you haven't listened to/watched much Alex Jones. I used to do research to make sure Alex wasn't BSing and every time I did the research I found out what he was saying was true. I no longer do the research because I trust him.

    Climate Gate and the CIA funded mosque jump out to me. I know there are others I'll try to think of them. For the most part the main stream media ignores Alex Jones though.

    Well it's only fearmongering if the fears you're arousing in people are based on false information.

    Houses? He has one home.

    His name is Joel Skousen. The guy's father was Glenn Beck's mentor. He's been on the Alex Jones show multiple times the last few months I have no clue which interview it was.

    I never said having a lot of listeners equals being right about everything. I wasn't even talking to you I was talking to the guy who said he will never be listened to by a significant amount of people when he clearly already is.

    So he works for 12+ hours a day 7 days a week and built up a media empire from nothing and bought a house for 205,000 and now it's worth half a million. Your point?
  3. There's no point in arguing, if you can call it that, any longer.

    I don't consider myself 'highly educated' or an 'intellectual' by any means, but I can see right through his fearmongering.. Sorry that your mind is a sponge to him.

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