Alex Jones speech on humanity

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  1. I wrestled with that thought from time to time when I first started listening to him but now I know he's the real deal. If he wasn't the mainstream media wouldn't run attack pieces on him and he wouldn't have to ask for funding, he would have all the funding he needed from the NWO. Not to mention he would be on TV. That's how you know Glenn Beck is a fraud, hes on the government owned major news networks.

    AJ says he gets that question the most, why aren't you dead? He always say it's because he's not big enough yet and by killing him it would only underline and put an exclamation mark on all the work he's ever done. They'd rather demonize him and make him look like a kook and If that doesn't work and he keeps getting more popular then yeah they'll probably kill him.

    Check out this attack piece ABC Nightline news ran the other week. So pathetic how they craftily edited it to make him look bad.

    [ame=]YouTube - ABC Nightline: Paranoia Porn: Inside Alex Jones' World[/ame]
  2. but doesnt everything you just told me sound like the exact way to lull you into false confidence
    he creates a army eventually(sort of speak)
    people rebel abit.
    the government clamps down.
    their problem is solved
  3. Lmao.. Dude, are you serious? :laughing:
  4. Who me?
  5. Yes, you.
  6. So why do you think I'm not serious?
  7. Your friend Alex is playing you like a grand piano, that's all I have to say :wave:
  8. And the purple ginger bread man from Jupiter is playing like you a grand piano :rolleyes:

    Give me proof of how he is playing me (and millions of others, including some of the most intelligent and respected men in the world).
  9. The truth is out there, young padawan. As far as Alex Jones go, the only significant contribution hes made is this dvd.

  10. Yeah that's a great video. So how is he playing me again?
  11. this is going to be funny
  12. *Sigh*

    I can't explain it. You sit and watch his videos, where he continually makes baseless assertions (and assumptions) and you take it all in as fact, because he makes it sound 'good'. He doesn't back up his claims and he doesn't reveal his 'sources'.

    Your claim that because he reports 'news' faster than mainstream media, it's somehow correct, is stupid. The mainstream media is extremely biased and is not the omnipotent all-knowing entity you may think it is.. and neither is Alex Jones.

    Let me put it this way. Alex Jones is a fearmonger.

    He plays off of the fear of people like you (and the 'millions' you claim follow him :laughing:), and makes bank off of it. Get it yet?

    edit: And did you say that Glenn Beck is a fraud because he works for them 'government-owned' media? :laughing: :laughing:
  13. Are you gonna reply?
  14. glenn beck is a big joke

    but you pretty much just told him everything i have
  15. My main point was that he said the media was 'government-owned'.

    Not at all. You agreed with him on some points. You said that Alex Jones was smart, but a nut. He is not smart.

  16. hes not "entirely" off his rocker.

    their are some things kept from the public.

    but for the most part, yes he is nutty
  17. You can't explain it because YOURE the one making assumptions here. If you actually watched more than an hour of Alex Jones (and didn't just regurgitate the negative talking points on the internet about him) you would realize he backs up literally everything he says.

    I never said because he reports news faster it's correct, I said he has inside sources which is why he reports news faster than mainstream media and then they piggyback on to the story in an attempt to maintain their credibility. You're misconstruing my words. Anyways his news is "correct" because it's factual and documented.

    Yes and warning someone not to eat a poisonous berry is fear mongering too... No it's just part of being a human being to warn others of dangers.

    Another misconception spread around the internet as if it's factual... he makes bank. Do you realize how much it costs to operate the servers he needs for his millions of daily visitors to his websites? Hundreds of thousands a year. That's what most of the ad revenue and DVD and t shirt sales go to. He actually said on air today he might have to lay some of his employees off because although the audience is tripling, the revenue stream is going down.

    I guess you didn't know Glenn Beck gets many of his show scripts directly from the Pentagon?
  18. ok so this is ok i guess but this guy is really just rambling, he has no point ot his arguement although he has some good things to say. Someone needs to teach him the skills of the orator, hence why he hasn't yet and never will be listened to by any significant amount of people.
  19. You realize that was without a teleprompter or a script? And he has 2 million daily listeners btw.

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