Alex Jones speech on humanity

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  1. This was a very inspiring speech and contained very little conspiracy talk. Even if you don't really like Alex Jones and think he is crazy you will enjoy this.

    [ame=]YouTube - Alex Jones On What We Really Are 1/2[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - Alex Jones On What We Really Are 2/2[/ame]
  2. Watching this blazed is pretty good :)
  3. I don't have time to watch it all right now, I just watched about 3:30 of the first one.

    I have mixed feelings about it. In general, Alex Jones is an idiot. But until I watch the rest, I'll leave you with this,

    [ame=]YouTube - 30 Rock Muppet Gag[/ame]
  4. Why is Alex Jones an idiot?
  5. Tell me. I want to de program you.
  6. eric dont even bother with this guy
  7. Well that's one thing about you people, you are so condescending and think that if someone disagrees they are programmed and it is your responsibility to change their mind.
  8. that guy is sooo parinoid he thinks there are reptilians living in cloaked spaceships watching over us hahahaha
    i want some of what that guy is smokin:smoke:
  9. That would be David Icke. Alex Jones doesn't talk about reptilians or aliens or any nonsense. Just things he can prove.
  10. I think you misunderstand the word condescending. Anyway, yes it is my responsibility to inform someone who has been mislead. Just as thousands of years ago it would be a man's responsibility to inform his fellow man that a local tribe was coming to rape their wives and kill their children.
  11. With some people the door is closed and welded shut.

  12. with his "inside sources"


    i get what hes going for....but hes still a fraud.
  13. Proof of fraudulent activity? Or is that just your biased uneducated opinion?
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    none of his inside sources
    are sourced...

    i dont count crap like prison planet as sources

    people have been making fraudulent claims for millions of years

    but putting things in quotes and putting spins on it.
    the government is bad and we should do something about it - yes

    acting like a nutjob...not so much

    im sorry

    but you guys can be worse then any religious fanatic.

    just because hes speaking out against something bad doesn't mean he deserves undying faith

    honestly..its none of my business,
    everyone has their own purpose and path in life and who am i to criticize

    ive watched all of the zeitgeists(which were debunked),
    have gone over the entire venus project website(and prison planet)

    and my best friend is one of those lunatics who spent way to much time listening to alex jones and now pretty much lives in a house with beans and a gun thinking everything is out to get him

    all im saying is
    yes you should fight for the truth...but dont lose your humanity in the process
  15. Why are you attaching Zeitgeist to Alex Jones? He just said the other day on air he thinks the maker of that movie is a joke and so is the movie's answer to the world's problems (even though the movie brings up some good points). Again why is he a fraud?
  16. even if he does,
    his beliefs are still fundamentally the same

    as i said
    his inside sources are mostly outsourced
    and with a little research
    usually just spins on reality...

    essentially a intelligent version of the people that walk around with aluminum foil

    you see the problem is that
    you saw "zeitgeist" and leached onto that instead of getting the full message....

    its like god
    you have faith
    i cant touch you
    but i can tell you that you are most likely turning your life into a paranoid conspiracy theory by just accepting everything

    everything must be questioned in life before its accepted
    i thought zeitgeist (addendum) was good
    but it was still filled with all kinds of made up b/s
    and so was the first movie

    theirs better ways to show people the way then slamming their brains with more lies
  17. How can you say his inside sources aren't legitimate when he breaks all the major news first? He broke the climate gate story and the CIA funded ground zero mosque. How on Earth do you know whether his inside sources are legitimate when they're inside sources? lol

  18. how do you know who his inside sources are?

    are you getting any of this?

    im open to his ideas and beliefs but hes still nutty
  19. I don't know who they are either. But if he reports a lot of things before even mainstream media then he obviously has legit sources right?

  20. i want to run something through you
    a theory if you will
    and bear with me
    because i could be wrong
    but it is plausible.

    alex jones has been one of the biggest opponents of the american government.

    he has called them out on things before they've happened.

    in a world where the american government is known for assassinating those that oppose
    where someone like you would be unable to do shit about it.(if they killed him)

    doesnt it seem a little suspicious
    that he is by himself creating a "movement" of people

    and hasnt gone missing yet.

    even though they obviously have more then enough proof to make him disappear.

    im not saying he's nwo

    but its worth a thought that someone who is creating rebels has been aloud to live.

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