Alex Jones is spreading DISINFO

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  1. [ame=""]Alex Jones is spreading DISINFO - YouTube[/ame]

    Diet is important, Alex Jones attempts to make fun of vegetarians/vegans by calling us grass eaters. Allan Watt agrees too. I don't eat the grass you walk on. There are many slang terms to describe hemp including grass, marijuana, pot and many more. Hemp seeds are the most nutritional seed known to man and contain all the essential nutrients needed to live a long healthy life. I do not eat meat or dairy products at all, I grow my own organic fruits and vegetables as well. Hemp plants with moderate THC levels produce FAR more seed compared to the low THC strain of hemp.

    Alex jones and Allan Watt could have been honest and said they were unsure about the science, but they present their BS belief system as if it were science, which is not science at all.

    Alex Jones does speak some truth, but he also spreads disinfo and this video provides evidence for that. Listen to Alex Jones Y2K Broadcast for another crystal clear example of him spreading disinfo. No more Fear. I can't sit around and watch people praise him like a god while he spreads disinfo.

    Check out my new HD Trailer Antimatter: The Future is Now
    [ame=""]HD Trailer Antimatter: The Future is Now - YouTube[/ame]
    If anything alex jones or allan watt said were true I would be too stupid to resist.

    COINTELPRO techniques are visible in a lot of my videos attempting to further divide and conquer. Please comment in my videos especially other ones so the trolls don't mislead further people who look at the comments and don't know. Check out the COINTELPRO Techniques used for dilution, misdirection and control of an internet forum, this applies to youtube as well.

    COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of an internet forum - Picasso Dreams

    I have another topic on COINTELPRO, these idiots just won't stop trying to divide and conquer, I think their paycheck is giving them motivation to keep fucking society up even more. Shills need to smoke some weed, especially alex jones.

    COINTELPRO techniques are very visible in my youtube videos
    Kanaal van yellowecotec - YouTube
    Try and find a video that does not have COINTELPRO spreading disinfo.:eek: You might be able to find a few.

    People are awakening the hypocrisy knows its time is up so they are throwing everything they have at the public to try and divide and conquer and disempower the public from actively speaking out against the hypocrisy called government today.

    There was a topic here on this forum about taking pro weed to war which was more COINTELPRO I doubt it is just stupid people, consider this is a pro cannabis website, what on earth was that poster smoking? The forum sliding is always visible on here. Ron paul is probably a freemason yet the trolls keep supporting him just like 0bama. just because he pretends to support hemp people buy into it! ron paul does not support marijuana get that through your head. obama said he would do so many things and he does the EXACT OPPOSITE breaking every promise he made. politicians make careers lying.

    Ron Paul and Freemasonry | Aftermath News
    Enemies use the same symbols and freemason handshakes?

    Masonic lodges OPENLY asking for members to join their satanic cult
    Mississauga's premiere Lodge of Freemasons in Toronto West Masonic Lodge District
    Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, Freemasonry, Masonic, Masons
    Freemasonry in Canada and British Columbia

    What about the fact freemasonic lodges are in nearly every country?

    Harper is a freemason.
    These 2 countries are at war look at them shaking hands its because they are freemasons.
    all the world is a stage
  2. WE ALL HAVE TO REMEMBER: this is for REVOLUTION which are IDEAS.

    DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO TAKE IDEAS FROM YOU! THE BEAST NEEDS TO PUT FEAR INTO YOU SO YOU CAN SHARE THEIR BELIEF with other weak minded people. WE all are better than the msm and the beast, all they want is for us to suffer and to believe them. Do not do it!

    Do not focus on how bad the msm says he is doing, they are always lying to you!

    The news went out on an ALL OUT PLANNED ATTACK today to
    demoralize Americans.
    Ron Paul is getting biased reports that are full of holes that I will
    discredit for you.
    1. The media has realized to release similar information in "doses"
    2. They feel the only people who will care are Ron Paul supporters.
    3. Ron Paul has never had this much support, oh wait he just got
    more, and even more while I was typing this.
    Ron Paul is "Unelectable" hmmmmm
    Here is the fact Ron Paul is THE BEST CHANCE TO WIN WITH 87%
    The nominability of Ron Paul is HORRID because the insiders only
    have MONEY in their interests. He placed at 3.2% because as
    opposed to Romney and Perry, he doesnt pay the media nor will
    change his stance. The find him AN ABSOLUTE MESS TO COVER
    HE WILL sway the public AGAINST THE BEAST!
    Perry and Romney have a 40-50 % electability because the people
    dont like them!
    Isnt it curious Ron Paul placed at 3.2% while having the biggest
    gain to WIN the election.
    They are basically saying RON PAUL IS A NUKE HE IS
    DANGEROUS TO THEM! The media IS SCRAMBLING trying to win
    back readers gained through lies. I plea, do not give in. They do
    not have you at heart. Ron Paul does, and how could you give up
    on him???
    Ron Paul HATES MSM! It isnt fair, it sways opinions, it kills
    What THE BEAST is doing is trying to find our cracks, to lose faith
    in our candidate, I urge you to not believe their hype.
    This is THEIR FORMAL ATTACK because what did we just do???
    Come on blades, dont make me fucking sick because we got some
    naysayers who dont believe in OUR rEVOLution!
    Keep pressing until they have to accept him. The more you post
    about losing support YOU ARE DIRECTLY HELPING THE BEAST
    Come on now, if you feel depressed SHARE A POSITIVE MESSAGE
    TO NEW PEOPLE! It will counteract your negativity with positivity
    and new supporters.
    Please, do not back down from our last chance as a nation to
    become liberated from the iron jaw of THE BEAST.
  3. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
  4. Alex Jones is a total disinfo agent anybody seen his Bohemian Grove video? I think he might be a Zionist too, he never talks about Israel in a negative way.

    But I do like his site because it gives me real news from different news sites all around the world.
  5. Yea, ive read countless shit about Jones being CIA Disinfo agent, and most of it makes more sense than not lol.....
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    I'm sorry but your accusations of those people in the pictures provided being freemasons is just simply ridiculous.

    When I was younger, using the "I love satan" symbol didn't mean, and STILL DOESN'T mean that you "love satan". It was a way of acting "cool" and had a sort of "Rock on" mentality. The majority of the people using these symbols in politics are simply doing it because it appeals to young voters. The handshake is just ridiculous. I've shook peoples hands that way multiple times, just because it was most convienient if stretching over a table or just because they shook your hand a certain way. It doesn't mean you're a dam freemason.

    Ron Pauls affiliation with Freemasonry has not yet been confirmed. Even if it is, Freemason's aren't evil, and don't stand for a NWO...
  7. What was all of that about? It started off with Alex Jones and some comments about vegetarians then it moved into COINTELPRO then there were a bunch pictures of dudes throwing up the "rock on" sign and shaking hands with other dudes.

    This topic is one mention of the Illuminati away from a trip to the box.

  8. uhhhh actually i think he believes the jews did 911 and zionist bankers are leading the NWO and all that stuff...

    and i highly doubt hes with the CIA :laughing:

  9. Then why is he such an Israel/Zionist apologist at the very same time?
  10. Yes, Yes, lets initiate the "I Hate Alex Jones" feel good party...

    Meanwhile, Banksters are stealing trillions of dollars and destroying a once proud and mighty nation.
  11. Freemasons never deny being masons. Ron Paul denies being a mason

  12. Really? That'd be awesome if I could see Ron Paul denying it. (Gotta link?) I'm trying to get to the bottom of it, but everyone keeps saying they can't get an answer from him.
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    Ask google or YouTube. Also, all mason belong to lodges and those lodges keep records of all members. Just like any club they gotta pay yearly dues. So it should be very easy to prove he belongs to a lodge. I'd start with Texas or his hometown/state.

    Or people can continue to make Unoriginal claims based off of one handshake on the Bill Maer show. Dee defuckin deee

    Ron Paul Not a Freemason

  14. maybe he doesnt want to be assassinated? :confused_2:
  15. Veganism isn't for everyone and even vegetarianism can be tough for many people (for various reasons).

    Within the US, most of the meat (and a lot of the dairy if not most) comes from factory farms, which makes becoming a vegan all the more appealing. I still eat chicken and beef regularly, but I'm not pretending that I'm eating healthier than a vegan. I'm young and can get away with eating mostly crap, while still being relatively healthy. I may take a crack at being a vegetarian at some point, but it's going to be tough for me to give up chicken.

    I don't trust talk show hosts as a general rule. Alex Jones is right on some stuff, but even a broken clock is right sometimes.
  16. I agree here... i do NOT in anyway agree with abusing or treating animals in unconventional ways because we eat them, and because of that i only select meat, poultry, and such, from farms i (personally) believe only treat their animals as they should be. But do i believe animals should be off our diet... no... we arent naturally designed to choose one or the other, we aren obligate carnivores, or herbivores. We were built to consume both, mainly because in our natural conditions, we likely dont come across enough of one or the other to survive solely on one or the other... but i disagree heavily with the way 99% of the meat we consume is treated before its killed.. it makes no fucking sense
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    I agree that we're omnivores, but I would like to see myself eat a lot more vegetables and fruits than I do currently. I would bet that most Americans (if not all) could eat healthily while only consuming meat once a day or even every other day. If meat wasn't acquired through such horrific means in the US, I probably wouldnt care as much about how other people eat, but, as it stands, I'm tired of people hating on vegetarians/vegans as they have the ethical high ground unless you buy your meat from a farm you trust.

    For me, right now, it comes down to cost. It's cheaper/easier for me to eat junk than it is to be healthy. This is probably true for many Americans.

    The reason why I personally would like to try vegetarianism is because it seems to be working for both my parents who are both over 50 and incredibly healthy for their age. Also, even if I don't stick with it in the long term, I think it could benefit my diet in the long run through an increased consumption of fruits & vegetables.

    Sorry for the offtopic rant, but I'm bored at work.
  18. I wanna go the vegan route but I dunno what to eat :laughing: you guys got any good ideas or cookbooks
  19. thats awesome im going to have to use it now lol.
  20. lol that freemason hand sign is done with the thumb tucked in, when the thumb is outwards it means love.

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