Alex Jones Arrested by NYPD

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    News Flash: Alex Jones Arrested by NYPD | September 8, 2007

    NEW YORK - Media activist Alex Jones was arrested by New York Police Department officers while filming a documentary about the sixth anniversary of September 11th and joining the protest against the official version of what happened on 9/11.

    According to Infowars sources Jones was singled out by police from the head of a crowd of about 400 9/11 Truth Activists and protesters. He was verbally accosted and forced by the police officers to present identification which he was not carrying at the time.

    NYPD officers arrested Jones for "unspecified charges" and removed from the protest crowd to be taken to the nearest police precinct where he currently remains.

    Rob Jacobson, camera operator on Jones' documentary production crew indicated that a large portion of the protest crowd has moved to the precinct where Jones is being held to ensure his fair treatment and safe release.

    More news as it develops...


    (says the reason why he was arrested was bullhorning without a permit)
    Filmmaker arrested during city protest


    Sunday, September 9th 2007, 4:00 AM


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    Alex Jones, a fringe filmmaker who believes President Bush was responsible for 9/11, was arrested last night by the NYPD.

    Jones, 33, of Austin, Tex., was charged with operating a bullhorn without a permit during a protest at Sixth Ave. and 48th St. about 8:30 p.m., cops said. Two other people were issued summonses for disorderly conduct during Jones' arrest, police said.

    Cops provided no further details.

    But a fellow protester, Lamarr Johnson, 27, of the South Bronx, said the group had seized the opportunity to crash a live TV show featuring Geraldo Rivera at the site. "It was ... guerrilla information warfare," Johnson said.

    Jones is closely linked to the 9/11 Truth Movement, which believes the British government carried out the 2005 London subway bombings, among other far-out theories.

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