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  1. So Alex Jones just got fined One Billion dollars for claiming that the Sandy Hook massacre was faked. I don't know much about the guy other than he's supposed to be a conspiracy theory guy and that the left hate him. In (only) my opinion this is just more evidence of the downward spiral that the US, and the entire world seems to be in at the moment. I'm not even discussing the case itself or if it was justified. I'm specifically talking about the Court awarding damages. Most of us here will never be a millionaire. A lot of people can't even really conceive of what a million dollars would feel like having. Yet this guy got fined not just a million dollars, not just 50, or even 100 million. But One Thousand Million dollars. 1000 times the amount that most of us can't even imagine having. For hurting somebody's feelings. That sounds harsh but it is also true. He hurt peoples feelings and now has to pay(lol) One BEELLION Dollars(in my best Dr. Evil voice). Really. And anyone spouting the " This will send a message to others" bullshit can shove that right up your ass. What message is it sending? Say something bad and you will get fined an imaginary amount of money? That you or your 'victims' will never see? Don't ever say mean things or else? Do not speak your opinion if it against the narrative or you will be financially ruined? That Gerard Butler line from Law Abiding Citizen keeps coming back to haunt me. "It's time to bring the whole, diseased, corrupt, Temple down. It's going to be Biblical."
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  2. Good morning. I can agree with you on the basis of now you can't say mean things or have your opinion and getting fine etc. But I think you should look up and read about the case and what he did and how he and his followers affected them people lives who lost their kids and love ones. It was a lot there then him just saying mean things.

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  3. Cant Comment BC Honestly Iono The Whole Situation. Never Heard Of Alex Jones Either. Wow Tho A Billion Dollars Isa Crazy Amount Of Money.

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  4. Billions are the new millions. The whole thing seems as ridiculous as watching an episode of Alex Jones.
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  5. I agree completely except that I actually have followed Alex Jones and the case and he never even did the things they are claiming.
    You explained very well why it doesn't even matter if he actually said horrible things, or not
    This isn't an acceptable response regardless, but just for extra insult to the injury the entire case has been fabricated.
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  6. I've never heard of him but I doubt he pays much at all. It'll get drug out in court, delays, bankruptcies, a few dollars here and there... It's a moral victory I guess but I don't know the situation.
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  7. Does he even have anywhere near that kinda money?
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  8. A conspiracy theorist that makes a ton of money by saying very stupid things that 95% of people know are untrue was ordered to pay 1 billion to the families he decided to pretend weren't effected by their children being slaughtered.

    Sounds like justice to me.
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  9. No he doesn't and in case you haven't been following he keeps getting hit with more lawsuits with even more insane numbers. He's supposed to pay like a trillion dollars now.

    It's all a joke. Welcome to clown world.
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  10. Where did you read that.
  11. I Still Don Know What Conspiracy Theory Is Yall Talkin Bout? :excl::confusedalt::blush:

  12. Alex is the conspiracy theory man. He talks for hours every day about conspiracies for decades now.
    A while ago a school called Sandy Hook was shot up. There were a lot of inconsistencies in the reporting and the story was not completely adding up. So a lot of people were questioning the story, Alex was one of those people. There were some other people who were outright denying the story, saying no children died and it's all fake. Alex had some of these people on his show and they shared their thoughts.

    To be clear, Alex never said Sandy Hook was a hoax. Never said children didn't die, and never accused the families of being liars. He did however question those things and have (2 I think) people on his show who did say those things. This wasn't a common thing. They suggest he made his career in Sandy Hook. He only talked about it a few times unless you count the numerous apologies he has made since.

    This was all a long time ago.
    Now Alex Jones is being sued for a bunch of things he never did. In the first case the judge declared Alex guilty before the trial began, refused to allow Alex to testify, repeatedly reminded the jury that Alex WAS guilty, and then awarded a fine many times hire than what Alex is able to pay, and many times higher than the legal limit, there is a max cap of 3(?) Million dollars, yet he's supposed to pay trillions, more than why one in the world has.
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  13. Ohhh. What Do They Think Really Happen? Like A Someting Else Then? Thats Alotta Money Too Pay I Don Think Anyone Would Have That Much.

  14. Sounds like he's going to get epstiened.
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  15. Alex Jones. One billion dollars. You feel me? Holla
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  16. I don't know about the inconsistencies that you are talking about. He straight up killed his mom then went too a elementary school and had a rampage. I drove trucks over the road for a time and I will catch alex jones on. He talk about the conspiracy so much. I straight up heard him say that the kids weren't real the teachers were not real and said something about this is how the government control us. First time I ever heard of a crisis actor but are heard him say that is what was going on their. I heard him say all this and i only listen too him every once in a while. A billion dollars is outrageous but I understand the reasoning behind it.

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  17. Get over yourself. He deserves jail time.
  18. Welcome to 2022. Alex Jones deserves jail time for hurting peoples feelings. He "Said" some mean things. Meanwhile rape or murder equals no bail. Not only are we living in a 2 tier criminal system, we seem to also be living in a 2 tier intelligence system. Hurting peoples feelings is somehow worse than actually physically harming or even killing them. When you are taught from a young age that 'Words can hurt you', you tend to be super sensitive and fragile. When you are taught the 'Sticks and Stones' phrase you tend to ignore most name-calling and look at the source with pity. We now have an entire generation+ that was taught that 'words can hurt'. Back in the day we used to just call them pussies and basically ignored them. Now they band together and get people fired when they get their poor fee-fee's hurt. And everything hurts their feelings. The coming revolution can't get here fast enough. An easy life makes for weak men. And I believe that we have the weakest couple of generations of (so called) men that our nation has ever produced. When shit does hit the fan and life starts to get harder (it's coming) all that feelings shit is going to go right out the window.
  19. Whatever you say. I'll let you get back to boycotting Disney.

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