ALERT: "Thank or Spank" Your Congressman for This Week's Medical Marijuana Vote

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by RMJL, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. ALERT: "Thank or Spank" Your Congressman for This Week's Medical Marijuana Vote


    It's important sometimes in grassroots politics to let our elected leaders know that we know what they are doing. Last Wednesday, 268 members of the US House of Representatives voted against medical marijuana -- they need to hear from their constituents that that was a bad vote that isn't appreciated. 148 members of the House voted for medical marijuana -- they need to hear from constituents that that was a good vote that is appreciated.

    Yesterday, DRCNet used our online grassroots lobbying system to send a "thank your Rep." e-mail to our supporters who are known to live in the districts of those 148 members of Congress who voted yes, and a "spank your Rep." e-mail to those in the districts of those 268. The e-mail linked to appropriate prewritten, editable letters that supporters could send to their own US Representatives by entering their names and addresses and clicking the send button, or by replying to the alert e-mail and entering a confirmation code in the subject line. The e-mail also included the name and the direct phone number of each recipient's own Rep., encouraging them to take the further action of making a phone call. Last but not least, we posted the results of Wednesday's vote online, in HTML, PDF, Excel and tab-delimited text formats.

    If you haven't responded to that alert yet, or if you're just curious about the details of the outcome, please visit to view the roll call and find out how your Rep. voted, and to send a "thank" e-mail, or a "spank" e-mail, whichever is appropriate.

    If you didn't receive the alert, that probably means that you haven't used one of our write-to-Congress forms before, or that the e-mail address you used at the time has gone bad. If you received the e-mail but we didn't have the right member of Congress listed, that probably means that you haven't used the site to write to Congress since your last move. So in addition to writing to your member of Congress about this week's vote, there is another reason to use our medical marijuana lobbying site: We will then have a record of your current location and hence your congressional district (and state legislative district), and will be able to send you similar targeted bulletins on legislation related to drug policy in the future.

    So visit and sign up! Thank you for your participation and support.
  2. I spanked mine. :(
  3. I spanked mine too. I also sent letters to the rep's in all the districts of my state since they all voted NO!!!!!! Bastards!!!...and Bitch!
  4. 17 out of 29 voted yes in representative voted yes!!!!!............thank you Nita Lowey for your vote...............
  5. Thank you Anna Eshoo!
  6. 4/5 in connecticut...very good
  7. ohh i spanked mine so good good

    god dammit jim gibbons why do ya have to fuck everything up

    1 out of 2
  8. That figures, we have a whopping 1 Rep and his ass didn't even vote at all.
  9. All but one of Massachusetts' reps voted YES. Mine was one of the YES's. I sent him a very nice thank you note.

    Massachusetts is sometimes really stupid, but sometimes really knows what's up. First state to legalize gay marriage, too.
  10. On behalf of my fellow bud toking Mississippians and the rest of the responsible adult bud tokers across America, I wish to extend out 4 heartfelt "fuck you"s to my Republicrat congressmen from the Magnolia State for voting a perfect 4 for 4 NO on the Hinchey/Rohrabacher bill. Hey it's only our tax dollars at work; just forget about why you're supposed to be there in Washington.

    So without further adieu....

    Chip Pickering (Rep) (my district)......FUCK YOU!!!!!
    Gene Taylor (Dem)......FUCK YOU!!!!!
    Bennie Thompson (Dem)......FUCK YOU!!!!!!
    Roger Wicker (Rep)......FUCK YOU!!!!!

    And to the other 264 freedom killers (i.e. "Terrorists") in the Congress who voted NO as well....FUCK YOU TOO!!!!!!
  11. I should use my best friend's address in MS and spank them too. I lived there long enough to have that right!!!! :D

  12. Where in MS did you live? I've lived all over MS nearly my whole life. Started in Jackson, went to the Coast, then Hattiesburg, then back to the Coast, now back to Jackson.
    I'll be back in LA when my internship is done though.
  13. Most of my family in MS live in Jackson and Hattisburg...weird. I have family all throughout MS, though.

    I lived in Greenville and Biloxi. I have more family in LA. Weird, yet again.

  14. Dude we need to hook up and burn a few.

  15. LOL! :D Well, I'm in TN now.........and not even close to being a dude! ;)

  16. TN is just a few hours drive from J-Town. Sorry about the dude's habit. I just try not to call the cops "dude". I had a friend get busted at a party for calling a cop "Officer Dude". Instead of calling you dude, how about "Boo Boo Kitty Fuck"? J/K

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