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  2. love the bird! i got 13 different birds tattooed in my skin

    all your shit looks good that one just really caught my eye
  3. That shit is pretty bad ass ,it should be on T shirts...i going to make into soon as i get my printer to work. :hello::hello:
  4. i love your 70s show pictures
    great style
  5. well..

    there's something to say about humility

    but you're quite masterful at lighting
  6. I like these alot.

  7. lol i was just trying to get peoples attention :)

    thanks all!
  8. these are tight dude.. i like the style, nice shading.
  9. those are sick as fuck!
    i love the first one man and the bird looked like a picture in the snow for a moment!
    well done:hello:
  10. damn, this doesn't suck at all. i was gonna bitch about the title but yeah it's pretty nice.
  11. I wanna offer art services for my studio and you sir are on my list of people to contact.
  12. crazy eye with the hat is pretty sick
  13. lol qft dude read my mind.
    your style is pretty ill man :cool:

    EDIT: 420 post!! let me get my bong out
  14. thanks again everyone

    i got around to coloring an old one

  15. Damn. You definitely have a great knowledge of the human face. Excellent blurring on the hummingbird's wings. Spot on!
  16. is that a dreadlock on homie?? damn son, your the truth

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