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    Why don't people understand that alcohol is a drug just like any illicit drug. Why is it that if you choose to consume alcohol excessively you have a genetic disease and you can't really be blamed for it. After all, you're sick and it's beyond your control and you get all this sympathy and shit.
    Now if your poison of choice happens to be an illicit substance you're just a drug addict and you're 100% to blame for ever touching that first marajuhuana.
    The fact that alcoholism is accepted as a legit disease by modern medicine really grinds my gears. I've been drinking excessively almost daily for 7 years and yeah I'm somewhat dependent on alcohol to relax, but if I feel like taking some time off from drinking I do just that. Just don't crack that next brew and hit the fuckin gym or something.. Nobody's forcing your hand to crack another bottle and pouring it down your throat. It's a mother effing DECISION you make or not make.
    I'm so fucking sick of peoples retarded view on substance use and lack of fuckin self control. Just needed to vent. Cheers! 

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    Drinking beer right now but people are weak and alcohol is an accepted drug.
  3. says the guy who needs alcohol to relax..if you didnt you would havent been drinking daily for 7 years..why not hit the gym or somethin? lol
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    I drink excessively cause I don't give a shit, not because I think I'm diseased and have no control wether I drink or not. I recently stopped cold turkey and didn't touch a drink for 5 months and hit the gym every day.
    How did I do it? Simple, I just didn't do it.
  5. So you dont have an addictive personality and addicts you actually know any addicts? Not as simple as "just dont do it"
  6. Trust me, I'm borderline OCD and have an extremely addictive personality.
    And here's a fact. If you don't pick up a beer, open it and drink it, then you will have not drunk that beer.
  7. Who even thinks about this shit? Just smoke, drink, and chill.
  8. Lol I like your username barley malted it sounds like an alcohlic name. It is pretty tough to quit and I do believe its up to the person, their mindset
    ,but also their environment.
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    Oh, they know of it's(alcohol) evils. Their qualm with marijuana is "it's illegal" <------- Bullshit
  10. Anyways, the point of this thread wasn't wether or not alcohol is addictive but why there is a distinction made between alcoholism and abuse of illicit drugs.
  11. Alcoholism and drug addiction are one and the same. I dont know where you live that everybody thinks there's a difference, but there is none. As for addiction being an actual disease this is true, and there is evidence behind it. Not everybody who drinks becomes an alcoholic, but a lot of alcoholics have a genetic predisposition. Alcoholics drink for the exact same reason you have stated you drink. The only difference is you had the ability to stop, while addicts do not. I had to be put into a mental facility to stop drinking. I would not/could not have stopped otherwise. Addiction is not simply making the choice to open a beer that day, it is the inability to fight the NEED for that buzz You may have drank everyday for 7 years, but you're ability to just stop shows you are not an actual addict. Talk to some real addicts about "just stop" and see what they have to say. It's really quite impossible to tell someone who isnt addicted what addiction is like.
  12. Anyways, the point of this thread wasn't wether or not alcohol is addictive but why there is a distinction made between alcoholism and abuse of illicit drugs.
    </blockquote> oops sorry don't shoot. Anyways the poster above already answered it.
  13. “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.”
    ― Bob Marley
  14. This post just reaks of ignorance. You obviously aren't genetically predisposed to alcoholism. Good for you.
  15. Honestly i believe all addictions should be treated equally. Double standards are fucking retarded. Rather than worry about how to classify it how about we start working on better treatment of the problem. I'm not saying any addict is weak as i accidently got hooked on opiates. I kicked the habit and can use recreationally to this day. Some people are more predisposed to addiction but that doesn't absolve them from responsibiblity. Like you said it's a choice and the damage they do to those around them is more real than their supposed disease.
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    Okay.. Really please answer. And no bullshit. This means something to me. Is drinking 3 or more beers a day an alcoholic?

    And I have OCD too. Use to be really bad. And it's nothing like OCD. At all!..... So I think you need to rethink that.
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  17. I'm nowhere near qualified to diagnose alcoholism, but when I think of an alcoholic I think of someone who can't control or has a really hard time trying to control his/her drinking. Basically someone who "needs" alcohol everyday and uses it as a crutch. Also, once they start drinking it is very difficult for them to stop. I don't think I would necessarily use a set number of drinks as a benchmark. It's more about how they use it or handle it imo.
  18. I have to agree claiming OCD when you don't have it is kind of offensive to those of us who suffer from it.
  19. if people didn't need alcohol to such an extent, it wouldn't be legal! :laughing:
    Something that bothers me often... almost anything is less harmful than alcohol, pretty sad if you think about it. Not only that but, ppl are given .08, to be declared intoxicated to drive, why is there not 0 tolerance????? And we can't chill on a couch and get baked. argh :mad:
    You are so blind. You have obviously never lived with an alcoholic. If you think drinking excessively almost every day is just a decision then maybe you need to take a step back and reflect upon your decision to drink alcohol. Drinking almost every day  excessively for seven years and then trying to say you don't have a problem is definitely that of an alcoholic talking. 
    People truly underestimate alcohol. I've seen the damage it can have first hand. People think \\that getting drunk four or five nights every week won't take a toll on your body, your liver. They think because "they have the ability to quit" that it won't pose serious health problems. Just because you have the ability to quit doesn't mean that your body isn't being damaged by that kind of alcohol consumption. Not trying to sound like a preacher, just food for thought.
    And don't get me wrong, I like drinking. I'm drunk right now as I type this. I know what drinking excessively can lead to, that's why I drink probably two, three nights a week at most. And when i drink, I don't get wasted, just a buzz going. I do have those nights where I go HAM and get really drunk. Having an alcoholic (but luckily an extremely peaceful drunk) for a father has made me realize the damages that drinking can do, which is why I don't do it often.
    Just be careful man. I've seen shit that alcoholics can go through that I wouldn't wish on most people.

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