Alcoholism and Marijuana

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  1. Here's the deal: I'm an alcoholic who has not had a single sip of that shit in 11 months. Forget what you think that you know about alkys. You could'nt pick me out of a line up for being what I am, even if you had a transcrpit of my history. I have kept everything that I have worked for through my active addiction.. wife, kids, home awesome job etc. All except my health. Overweight, under nurished, under rested, dehydrated to max, all of the time. EXCEPT, I was a law abiding citizen.

    Here's something that you young drinkers may not know. Two guys go into a convience store to hold it up. One is an alky and drunk. The other is on heroin and starting to get shaky. Cops bust them. In jail the junky starts to really bitch and moan as he goes in to full on withdrawl from heroin addiction. He's fucked. The cops could leave his sorry ass alone to sweat it out in jail alone. He'll feel like dying, but he'll survive.

    His alky buddy is comming to and he is in full on alcohol withdrawl. Delirum Tremors. (the DTs) He will need medical attention soon or he may seize. He will need IV fluids and probably put on valium to keep his heart rate manigable over the next few days.

    My point is that what the freakin government or whatever powers that be say is legal and O.K. to engage in as long as you don't go overboard may actually kill you.

    Now my point is not to condone drug use, but educate you on this point. If I had to do it all over again. I'd show up to the bars in college high on weed and sip a beer for hours. I would'nt touch a drink during the week, period. I'd toke it up. Of course after studying.

    Anyway, I don't regret the past, but if you're drinking every night, then it may be an indication of things to unfold in your future. MAYBE, just maybe the good herb may put a buffer between you and......

  2. +rep for taking the time to put together a nicely written, and well thought out thread.:)

    I especially liked the point about the withdrawal effects of alcohol versus a drug like heroin.
  3. good shit.

    parents never took the time to tell me that shit.

    i'm not an every day drinker though.

    got drunk last night though.

    but i am a daily toker.
  4. Yup, I drink at parties mostly. Lots of people don't know an alky going cold turkey can die on the spot. Pretty shitty
  5. My cousin is in prison right now for a few DWI's alcohol has ruined his life, he's facing 2 -5 years man.

    I've been drunk a few times, but I don't care for alcohol that much. I only like to drink at a river or somewhere really nice, drinking alone or at home is depressing as shit.
  6. yep, too many people think you can die from heroin withdrawl, but your body gotta be really fucked up and have preexisting conditions to die from the H

    but alcohol/benzo's/barbiturates your gonna go into a seizure and die if you dont detox medically
  7. Yeah, mom was a xanax freak, she tried quitting and went into seizures, nasty shit.
  8. I think you missed the point. He wasnt saying heroin was good because it ovb is not

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