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  1. Anyone else here an alcoholic?
  2. well im an addict. Still go to AA meetings all the time though. AA really is a great program and even though I still toke the ganj, it provided me with a lot of helpful tools for staying away from the dirty dirty H
  3. shit I was thinking about making this thread the other day haha...

    not addicted, but well on my way and I realize it...
  4. Sadly I am. I can't remember the last time I went more than 5 days without drinking a beer. Still love her though!

    Been to a couple AA classes forced upon me, met some crazy ass people there. I also am pretty sure I broke my fucking ankle last night walking home while being drunk.
  5. You better believe it. Went to rehab and I've drank once since august 14th. Even after all that time trying it again was a bad idea. 1 drink will always be too much and 1000 will never be enough.

    I was a binge drinker though, never a daily drinker.
  6. i drank a ton for awhile, to the point where i was making daily trips to wal-mart to grab 2 of the cheapest bottles of wine available. sometimes i would start drinking in the morning lol. basically i would get hammered and sit back listening to some of the best guitar players in the world and sort of just melting away. felt great to be honest.

    recently had a wake-up call though. took down the better part of a bottle of whiskey after i came home from drinking dollar margaritas at applebees(yuck) and woke up the next day having puked all over the place. no recollection of the event. i'm lucky i rolled onto my side otherwise i might have gone out like hendrix.

    first couple days without alcohol sucked. i felt horrible. just like generally sick. i went a couple days cold turkey and then had a beer to see how it affected me. i did feel better and i was happy to find out i can chill out and enjoy a beer without running off to the store to grab a case.

    i guess i wouldn't say i'm an alcoholic, just someone who's been well on their way down that road and luckily had the sense to turn around.
  7. A lot of hard drug addicts always shit on alcoholics, and I never understood it. From what I've heard from the box and from personal recollections, alcoholism is one of the worst addictions. The withdrawals can kill you, it's readily available 24/7, it's socially acceptable, and you're forced to turn down that bottle of beer a lot more frequently than you are that shot of H. Alcoholism is on the same tier as heroin, coke, and meth addiction, and most people (alcoholics and hard drug addicts alike) never really understand that.
  8. You, my friend, are very wise with your words +rep. That is true, there is that stigma of alcoholics from other addicts. But that all ends once you end up in rehab; really starts to shed some light on how truly, truly awful it is to be alcoholic compared to a lot of other "harder" (/bullshit) drugs. While of course those are drugs are dangerous and addictive, I've noticed in the rehab programs I've been through and volunteered at, it seems about 70% of the patient population are alcoholics, whether they use other drugs or not.

    And about 50% of the time there are cross-addictions to multiple chemicals. Hell, the disease of alcoholism is now diagnosed as 'Chemically Dependent."
  9. I honestly believe that the reason why alcoholism is such a frequent occurence is because its dangers are so understated in modern society. In the majority of people's minds, an extremely large void exists between the dangers of alcohol and the dangers of all elicit substances, regardless of their actual effects on the human body and brain, and this really isn't the case. If people saw alcohol as a legitimate harmful drug in the same way that they viewed the stereotypical "hard drugs", then I think alcoholism would be a lot less of an issue.
  10. Exactly. It can be just addictive as heroin almost. Over time in your brain alcohol combines with other chemicals to create the "EXACT" same ingredient that makes heroin so damn addictive. So if your an alcoholic and I'm a former one you have this chemical in your brain so your fucked. If I drink I wake up the next day with all the withdrawls cominb back to hit me and shit. It fucking suck!
  11. Yeah im an alcoholic. I get withdrawal symptoms after a night of binge drinking. I dont remember the last time I drank and didnt black out. It runs in my family uncle could legitamately be on Intervention for his drinking I bet.

    I dont drink daily...but 2-3 times a week. And when i drink i get blacked out hammered. Ill drink a 12 pack before i even go out to the bar, after that i cant keep sure i could probably drink 20+ beers in a night with ease.

    Goin through mild withdrawals right now from last night:( This morning it was real bad...tremors, cold sweat, closed eye visuals...Its because i got hammered on friday...stayed up until 4 AM, and woke up at 11 the next day and started drinking right when i woke up.

    The worst withdrawals i ever had was after spring break drinking for 7 days straight...i was shaking and even hallucinating, nightmares, waking up dripping sweat...It amazes me that herb is illegal and booze isnt, truely a bunch of bullshit. I def wont live long if i keep this binge drinking going. I gotta move somewhere new...because ALL of my friends are drinkers and its all there is to do most the time here in the boonies.
  12. Yeah most fucking unfortunately I am. I have been a daily drinker for the large majority of 2 1/2 years, Usually about a bottle of vodka a day.

    I'm hurtin bad from w/d's today. Gotta keep drinking today.
  13. ^^^ ditto
  14. :( noo! Either get some benzos yourself or go to detox, get some IV diazepam and stop drinking man! You know I care about you man, don't continue down that road. Do it for yourself though, but also me :)

  15. As always thank you for the kind words. :)

    Medically I was red flagged for benzo abuse when I was 18 so that's out of the question. If I could obtain them illegally I would.
  16. Not really full blown, but I binge drink whenever I do.
    Which is every weekend for about 2-3 days.
  17. Recovering addict, I go to AA meetings though, I fuckin hate NA, so many people having side talk while the person who needs to talk is talking. AA is alot more structured it seems, since it's mostly older people. I don't let em know I was a drug addict though since some alcoholics have the "holier than thou" syndrome and act like alcohol is "different' than drugs.

    I still cheif the reef though, but I use it spiritually, if I use it for a high it'll end up in me relapsing as it did before. I don't smoke in social environments or with friends, just for certain meditations. However I'll always be an addict so I prefer the company of, as alice in chains put it, "the stoners junkies and freaks" which is why I joined this board. The straight laced people seem blind and closed to me, theres something about drugs, weed and hallucinogens in particular, that sorta changes ones perception and makes em more laid back and intellectual, but of course, some people are just stupid, with or without drugs.
  18. I might be getting dangerously close. Pretty much drink everyday, drunk maybe 3 times a week. It's been like that for the last few years though, so I still consider myself a habitual drinker.
  19. I was in college, but didn't think about it because everyone did it. We'd go to the bars or to house parties every night and would drink to the point of blacking out many nights a week. A lot of my friends worked at bars so we always would get hooked up and that didn't help the situation. This went on for a few years. Best years of my life no doubt. All sorts of crazy shit happened. Only nights we'd stay in during a semester were the nights before early morning finals basically. I've settled it down to usually just weekends now though. I miss those days.
  20. Yes. Mostly now I just drink malt liquor though, so it doesn't set me back too bad.

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