Alcohol, why?!?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Cloud Rhinos, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. tl;dr at the bottom

    I, in a vast conclusion, have decided to no longer smoke marijuana until I get a full time job. This is only because I'll most likely get drug tested. This is now my first week after my detox, and I will continue my sobriety... to an extent.

    Now, more than ever, I've been getting into heavy drinking. Last saturday night I killed a fifth all by myself, a new record for me. Normally, I'd only have a glass or two because I'd be smoking. But now that I've been detoxing, alcohol is becoming a regular thing.

    I'm typing this as I sober up, thinking about how very bored I'm getting with alcohol. I miss marijuana and how simple it is, how safe it is, and how much more intimate she is as to me pouring a liquid down my throat.

    One day I'll meet her again. Hopefully sooner than later.

    tl;dr I'm not smoking until I get a job. I miss smoking, getting bored of drinking/smashed.
  2. word, i just got through with a 30day tbreak that melted into a 30+2 week t break, and i actually drank a lot of coffee and drank more often. i just like that altered state of mind i guess.

    its sooo good to be back though, however im never going back to smoking everyday like i used to. makes my mind too cloudy.
  3. i remember when i went through my alcohol phase. I was jobless so no dank, but my friends would always let me play beer/jaeger pong with them since i always smoked them out before. Im not going to lie, it was an amazing three months of straight drinking almost everyday. It kinda got old after a while sadly :/ . Now im back to smoking everyday and i havent been drunk it over two months
  4. I quit drinking heavily a few months ago and haven't had more than a beer in about a month. It does, like you said, get really boring, but it also starts to affect you in different ways after a while.

    I drank most heavily between 15 and 18, and I can honestly tell you that being absolutely shit-housed was way different then than how it is for me now. Recently, I've just had the tendency of skipping drunk and going straight to hangover.

    I figured, "This isn't doing anything for me, I'm not addicted to it... besides the taste, what's the point?"
  5. Alcohol sucks.............For me anyway, I dont enjoy the high .....Rather than feeling a nice, clean, fun high (like weed or many other drugs) I always feel like I've been poisoned.
  6. I used to buy shitloads of whiskey. I finally got out of that, and I stopped buying beer since I want to get rid of this belly.

    Also beer sucks. It tastes like crap but it's cheap
  7. Man that blows. It really sucks that we have to get drug tested for some of the simplest jobs. Just don't let the alcohol take over, cause i would imagine that happens pretty easily. I'm applying for jobs right now too and I'm still blazing because I plan on buying one of the synthetic urine bags from GC when the time comes. I'm very stubborn and won't stop smoking for a job unless it actually prevents me or it affects my work. I don't see that happening any time soon though. Good Luck bro, hope you and Mary get reunited very soon!:smoke:
  8. I've made a deal with myself. It's either I drink or I smoke, not both. I've been sober for 10 months now, and outside of a few tempting moments, I really like being sober and smoking.

    Vaping is so much better for you then drinking. I'm just shocked that more of this country don't switch.
  9. I know right!!!:smoke:
  10. I must say, I really like both. I usually stick with just one or the either, but I just can't help myself at parties.
  11. It's cause alcohol makes you numb, weed doesn't. Not even gonna preach because if I was 21, or had money, I would down a fifth too.
  12. Because most of this country's population works for companies that are run by a corporate office of some kind, typically at a national level, and they have to adhere to the unjust drug testing policies (that don't even determine whether or not you were actually high on the job) in order to keep their paychecks coming in every two weeks.

    Then, when they're finally done with all of the shit they have to put up with in order to make enough coin to survive, they need something to take the edge off at the end of the day... and the easiest acquired, most toxic, consciousness-deadening substance that no one seems to give you any shit for using, well, just so happens to be alcohol.


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