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Alcohol vs. Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VikingToker, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Worst thing I've ever done while drunk: Held a man down to the ground and punched him.
    Worst thing I've ever done while high: Put the ice cream in the refridgerator

    Just sayin'.
  2. no shit?
  3. Worst thing I've ever done with alcohol - Felt really ill and was sick
    Worst thing I've ever done with only weed - Woke up too late

    Weed wins :smoke:
  4. Haha, I beat you.

    Worst thing I did drunk: Ran around town naked screaming "the Popo's are coming, the Popo's are coming!"
    Worst thing I did stoned: Went on a raping spree in a larger town.

    Can I have a cookie?
  5. I can't drink anymore due to my medications (vyvanse, cymbalta). Alcohol occasionally triggers my bipolar disorder, even when drinking responsibly. Last week I had one beer while watching the Canucks game, then the night became a blur. I found out the next day I had 4 more (on an empty stomach), and tried to drive down to my friend's house. Got pulled over for DUI. Most confusing night ever.

    Nothing alleviates my symptoms like weed, though. I would legitimately apply for a MMJ card if AZ allowed it for cases like me. Maybe one day they will...
  6. Drunk- Pass out drunk in school, call the school cop a man whore, and punched a nurse
    High(weed)- Kicked the shit out of a vending machine.
  7. I've never done anything radical will being drunk but I just don't like the after effect of a hangover, I rarely drink anymore and just stick to bud.
  8. Tequila never gives me a hangover, but it tastes like shit and makes you puke more. I rarely get hangovers.
  9. how can alcohol be ok, but not weed?
    I can see hundreds of reasons for alcohol to be forbidden.
    Maybe a few, as age on smoking weed.
    The world is upside down!
  10. "herb is a healing of the nation, alcohol is the destruction."

  11. How many people do you know Walk around school drunk m calling the school cop a man whore and punches a nurse.

    How many people to you know get high everyday
  12. worst thing i've done on alcohol: picked a fight and lost hard to a drunken irishman.
    worst thing i've done on cannabis: forgot to pick up that healthkit in Quake.

    Cannabis definately wins.
  13. Stupidest thing while drunk - drove

    stupidest thing while high - robbed a church

    Whats the score?
  14. most people that drink alcohol don't do it on a daily basis.
    Most weed smokers I know smoke everyday.
  15. Worse thing I've done while drunk(& on pills)- Tried to drive home. Had to pull over every 100ft to throw up.

    Worse thing I've done while high- Well, Something a lot worse that the above that almost ended my life quicker.

  16. What did you do high?
  17. Worst thing when drunk - Jumping on cars, in the process breaking the windshield and denting the bonnet.

    When high - Smoked in a public place and dropped the roach = littering!!
  18. Worst thing I've done drunk: Run through the forest yelling where is barefoot.
    Worst thing I've done while high: Woke up and found my phone in a bowl of ice cream.
  19. Honestly, does anyone here feel they lose control of their minds when high? Even when you are high out of your mind? I've been high when pulled over in my car and acted respectfully and received no ticket or trouble. I've never driven drunk, but I doubt I'd make it home haha.

    To contribute:

    Worst thing drunk: spent tons of money, got lost in a place that I know well, thrown up and felt like shit the next day.
    Worst thing high: can't really think of anything bad to be completely honest. I guess eat too much for one night.

    I mean c'mon, you can die from drinking too much. Anyone ever died from smoking too much in one night?:smoke:
  20. Being high makes me feel more in control, it might have something to do with me having ADD. Everything just seems to slow down to a manageable pace, unlike the chaos that is me sober.

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