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Alcohol Vs. Weed Experiences

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gorgishmork, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. I don't know if it's just me, but alcohol (which is legal), is far more dangerous than weed (illegal...) I've never been in a group of stoners who got high and thought, "Dude, we should try jumping off of the roof and take turns catching each other." If there was such a situation, I'm sure it would end shortly when someone says, "That's a dumb idea, man." Alcohol on the other hand... "FUCK YEAH, LETS DO IT *rips off shirt and runs outside*."

    On the same note, how many other stupid activites and even fights can be attributed to alcohol? Not that I'm knocking it, I have been known to be quite fond of the drink, but I think the worst thing thats ever happened in a group of high people is someone getting the spins and throwing up. I hate to see things that do worse things to people remain legal, while lil' ol' MJ has all these issues with the government.

    Anyone have similar comparisons?
  2. Your on a marijuana forum :)

    Yes we all know alcohol is much more detrimental to society and ourselves
  3. i dont think this is even worth talking about, there both drugs use them where best used, booze on the weekends and ganja at all other times.

    drugs are just chemicals its not them that makes the bad shit go down, its the people that use them.
  4. Alcohol makes you do retarded shit.
    Weed makes you a little bit retarded.
  5. ahah i think i'm adding that to my favorite quotes.
  6. ive had much fonder experiences drinking than with weed. but then again, i love the herb. its just because when i was drinking it would always be with friends and other people. alcohol is for a party or something social, weed is for every else.
  7. True enough, but weed at least you have control of yourself, no matter how much you ingest/smoke I find. But alcohol will fuck me for sure, when you go thru a couple 40's between three of you in an hour and go break into a couple schools and get a way with it all and not remember.. haha, and that shits legal. well, it does make you do RETARDED shit thats for sure. :smoking::smoking:
  8. weed makes normal things better where as alcohol makes normal things too boring so you gotta go do dumb shit to be entertained.
  9. #9 -AM-ON, Sep 23, 2009
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    if you cant handle your alcohol and do stupid shit while drinking then dont fucking drink, simple as that! im sick of hearing that "alcohol is sooooo much more dangerous than weed". if you dont like it, dont drink it. weed IS a drug, and your just lying to yourself if you dont think it is to make yourself feel better about smokin it.
  10. so true. alcohol is not for everyone thats for damn sure.
  11. i love alcohol and weed
    but i can remember the great times i had on weed, not so much on alcohol.
    i think they go great together, so its not really a matter of which one, i just do both:D

    but alcohol IS much more dangerous. last year i easily could have died because i got home from partying, laid on my bed, and started tp puke my brains out while lying on my back. if my roomate wouldnt have flipped me over i would have drowned in my own vomit. i dont remember any of this, i was blacked the fuck out. the rockstar death. ive never drank that much since.
  12. We Smoked a Quad of Some shit called Headband and we Had a bottle of Bacardi 151.
    That day makes me not wanna drink no more. hahaha
  13. I am biased when it comes to this, dont get me wrong ive done a lil bit of drinking, so im not ignoratly bashin it i just think alcohol fucks with ur senses, like, u would be more likely to start shit with a group of ppl when ur drunk then sober.

    Also, in groups that drink u always hear stories like "man we got wasted last night and Todd busted out a window with his face then set the wal-mart on fire!" as for a group of stoners..."dude, we smoke an 1/8th and stared at the dvd players screensaver for 3 hours....."
  14. Did the same thing 10 years ago.
    Woke up one morning after a night drinking a qt. of J.D. and this went through my head.
    When I drink I feel like shit, after I drink I feel like shit, the next day I feel like shit.
    When I smoke Cannabis I feel good, after I feel good, the next day I feel good.
    It was a no brainer to quit drinking.

    Maybe you ought to listen.
    Alcohol is sooooo much more dangerous than weed.
  15. no its not old man
  16. I just love mixing the two in moderation, I get the nicest highs for concerts and shows... it's this energetic rush of uninhibited exhilaration! I talk to everyone in the room, I'm all over the place and I feel fantastic. I never overstep my limits either.. it's usually 2 pints of beer with a joint or two throughout the evening... and it is perfection.
  17. 2 blunts
    2 roman cokes
    1 bong rip
    1 beer
    equals everything spinning upwards and me altenating between puking and passing out.
    (i have really low alcohol tolerance)
    without the alcolol it woulda been a good night. so yea i havent really drank liquor since.
  18. actually, judging by the death toll comparisons, id have to say that it is.
  19. Yes I'm afraid it is young person;)
  20. Okay then explain why alcohol poisoning can kill you and smoking ridiculous amounts of pot will just make you fall asleep or possibly puke if you're a real lightweight?

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