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Alcohol Vs. Marijuana poll

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Just wondering which do you guys prefer if you could only do one, and money wasn't a factor.

    Couldn't find a thread like this.
  2. and your asking this on a canabis forum haha
  3. You're on, what do you think
  4. Theirs aspects of both I thoroughly enjoy. Big negative with weed is that it is so easy to build a high tolerance. Big negative with alcohol is the potential for a hangover.
  5. ^lol.

    edit:ahh, now everybody's gonna think im retarded since you deleted your post haha
  6. i dont even really like alcohol
  7. I kind of hate drinking. I feel so out of control when I get drunk. I can always control myself no matter how high I get. Plus being high is a much better feeling and alcohol tastes terrible.

    I dont mind getting cross faded though. I've perfected getting the right kind of cross faded. Its honestly alarmig the amount of alcohol I can drink and how high I can get without falling on my ass when I'm cross faded now.

    BUT in the end I still prefer just weed.
  8. I prefer weed. But remember your asking a stoner forum...
  9. [quote name='"nb8475"'] But remember your asking a stoner forum...[/quote]

    Bahaha :D
  10. Drinking always are always the crazy nights
    Smoking are always the chill nights

    And getting crossfaded are the best fucking nights of your life.
  11. Lol really?

    The answer is obvious btw. Don't even gotta look at the results to know that mj is winning and will always win here at grasscity.
  12. This is like posting a poll on a Christian site if they like God or not.

    I voted both, because I appreciate a nice bowl and a glass of scotch.
  13. #13 2e3t4y5u, Mar 22, 2012
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  14. This one is easy, how could anyone prefer alcohol?!

    That being said, I would prefer both at the same time
  15. I would say it is easier to build a tolerance to alcohol, drinking everyday makes it much harder to stop than smoking everyday. The withdrawal effects worse, the psychological need is greater.
  16. Marijuana>alcohol
  17. Kind of a pointless thread in my opinion..

    Obviously the great majority is going to choose marijuana.
  18. I've been drunk twice, and it was nothing compared to weed. Plus I'm not really in a hurry to become an alcoholic.
  19. Ive never ever liked alcohol, even though i tried it before smoking. Mainly because of social implications. You go somewhere and smoke weed everyone looks at you like a drug addict/dropkick, yet its thousands times healthier but people are to ignorant to do their own research. The legality adds to this, ill drink if offered, but not a lot, id rather smoke or have even less harmful unmentionables (moderation!). Majority think highly of alcohol, for no reason other then misinformation. Also, whats fun about getting dizzy, throwing up, then feeling like shit the next morning? id rather smoke some grass. Strictly MO

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