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Alcohol then weed or weed then alcohol?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by just one toke, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Drugs are bad, mmkay. You shouldn't do drugs cuz they're bad.. Mmkay
  2. To be honest, I prefer weed to alcohol. I'm not saying I don't drink or don't like to, because I love the feeling of getting drunk haha. But I love how alcohol tastes after being high
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    Hi all,
    I feel rather educated on the topic of alcohol and weed, before, after, together, etc, I use both daily, have been for about 10 years, mostly at home. I have always been a drinker, mostly beer, but also am a daily toker. I typically enjoy smoking BEFORE drinking, or both at relatively the same time and pace. Even in combination, both pleasures have always been easily maintained. The only times I seem to get really mangled-bojangled is when I have spent a night out drinking, did not have the chance to toke before I went out, then come home slick wasted and light-up. That puts be over top, gives me the spins, makes me hot and nauseous, etc. Really makes me feels terrible. If I smoke first though, I tend to not drink as much and this also is partly the the reason for me toking, Sometimes I like to drink a little too much and reefer really throttles me back.
    Both at the same time, at a reasonable pace, is my favorite high. Maybe a 12-pack of PBR or sixer of a craft and a couple grams, PERFECT for the day!!
  4. getting a great buzz going from drinking and then lighting up a bong is the way to go
    but you cant go wrong regardless
  5. I have always gotten drunk before smoking. Otherwise, I feel the weed overpowers the alcohol even with a high weed tolerance
  6. I think it's better to drink alcohol first, then smoke weed for the best effect.
  7. I have only mixed the 2 a few times and I always drank first. I didn't have any negative affects from it but I found the alcohol just dulled out the weed so I didn't like the combination but I like weed better thn alcohol any day and I just wanted to get high with the alcohol as a bonus.
    If it's the other way around for you and the alcohol is what you really want and the weed is just a bonus you might like it
  8. Hmm, I only smoke on friday and saturday nights.  I sometimes drink during the week, but mostly just on weekends.  So usually am already drinking when I smoke, but if I'm tanked and then smoke, like others have said, its sometimes too much.
  9. smoking then drinking any day!
    stoned and thirsty =  a good time drinking.
    plus no cross-buzz.
  10. I don't drink often because it usually doesn't agree with me.  I can start to feel sick after 2 or 3 shots sometimes, and my hangovers are the worst!
    But when I do drink, it's usually because I have weed and can plan it out, lol.  I smoke first.  A little less than a bowl.  Then I drink whatever I want, which is typically not a lot because I get drunk pretty easily, lol.  And when my drunkenness is fading, I will smoke again.  The first smoke keeps me from feeling sick while I drink, and the last keeps my buzz going (and keeps my hangovers away!).

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