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alcohol seeping through pores

Discussion in 'General' started by YesICannabis, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. well since i cant smoke for nearly another month, ive upped my drinking. ive nearly got in trouble a couple times because of the smell of liqour coming out the pores on my face. ive only been drinking beer, so its not nearly as bad as hard liqour, but a pain in the ass none the less. is there anyway to stop it from doing this, or lessen the smell? like drinking water with it or something?...
  2. The smell is coming out of your pores through sweat or something?I've never had this happen to me before but then again I could just be too drunk to notice.Try drinking in a cool place so you dont sweat or anything and resist from doing drunken jumping jacks.

  3. lol

    but na its not from sweat. thats how i got busted at school last year, and i was just chillin out in an airconditioned building all day. it just comes out for some reason. ive never understood why
  4. it just sticks to you, and as well on your brweathe even after gum and brushing your teeth

    what i do to play it safe, if im drinking, will stop drinking for about 2 hours before going home, or just smoke a lot of cigs so i smell like cigs and not liquor
  5. i've never noticed it while i'm drinking, but i know what you mean, because it's a kinda common smell on geology trips when there arent showers one morning. We normally just drink till we fall asleep, so you don't notice the beer sweat until the next morning. you can minimize day-after beer sweat by drinking a shitload of water before you go to bed. i don't know if you can do that for going home, but its worth a try, i figure. it's probably better to play it safe and quit drinking for a while before coming home, though. good luck!
  6. stop drinking so damn much.
  7. one word.............Gin.............Peace out........Sid
  8. lol sid...havent they returned the skull n crossbones to the gin bottles as a warning yet?

  9. na, i think they've replaced it with "may contain traces of SHUT THE FUCK UP, and WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT"...........lol........Peace out........Sid

  10. aaahhh noooo

    i CANT drink gin. thats actually what i got caught on the first time. no breakfast + 7 shots of tanqueray no es bueno

    if i even smell gin i throw up
  11. drink a drink that smells like a fruit

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