Alcohol Prohibition Coming to Nigerian State

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  1. Newsbrief: Alcohol Prohibition Coming to Nigerian State


    Lawmakers in the mostly Islamic northern Nigerian state of Kano have voted for a law that would impose whipping for Moslems and jail time for Christians caught drinking alcohol, the Associated Press reported Saturday. The bill stand must be signed by the governor before becoming law.

    The move has stirred fears it will stir ethnic and religious violence in Kano, which, along with other Muslim-dominated Nigerian states, has seen waves of conflict as local authorities have attempted to impose sharia, or Islamic law, since the overthrow of the military dictatorship five years ago. Tensions are high this week after the killing of an estimated 500 Moslems by Christian mobs in the central state of Plateau, the AP reported. More rioting broke out in Kano City itself this week, leaving at least 30 dead in Muslim-Christian strife, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation Thursday.

    Muslims who get caught drinking alcohol will be whipped with "80 strokes of the cane," while Christians face a one-year jail sentence, a $380 fine, or both, Kano legislative speaker Saidu Balarabe Gani said in local radio broadcasts Saturday.

    That is a tougher policy than instituted in other Muslim-dominated states with sharia laws. According to the AP, in those states, the ban against Muslims drinking is rarely enforced, and Christians are allowed to drink at federal military and police establishments. [!]

    The radio announcement didn't go over well with at least one central Kano City listener consulted by the AP. "This is an attempt to cause bloodshed," shouted Adams Yakubu, who said he was Christian. If authorities try to enforce the alcohol ban on Christians and animists, "only God knows what will follow," he warned.
  2. Muslims generally just cut the heads off christians.

    Muslims have alot to learn about "American" (Christian) Justice.

    "We" don't often forgive............

    ............and we 'never forget' .


    PS..............Nigeria is the "Scam Capital" of the entire world.

    And that's a fact.


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