Alcohol Poisoning

Discussion in 'General' started by sassafrasquatch, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. friday night this weekend i decided to get drunk. ok ok i admit it i only did it because i didnt have any weed alright?!? but anyways i ended up drinking much more than my share of alcohol and passed out. in the morning the first thing i remember when i wake up is throwing up all over my room. for the next 28 hours i throw up every half an hour. yes thats right 28 hours, thats a fucking long time. this is especially miserable because most of the puking is dry heaving, since all that comes up is stomache acid and a little bit of water id manage to sip down inbetween purgals. i lost a lot of weight. im so weak, but im so happy now that i can sit up. this was the worst thing i have ever expirenced in my life!!! yes it was really my fault that it happen...but damn!

    at least my girlfriend was there to take care of me, man what a loyal buddy she was! for 32 hours! i didnt sleep, and neither did she, how could i ever thank her for that?

    moral of the story - dont drink too much please. my girlfriend told me that i said on more than one occasion, "i wish i could die right now". thats how bad it feels. i dont think ill ever be drinking for the purpose of getting drunk for a long time.

    so please! please! do not over do alcohol because i dont want anyone else to have to expirence how terribly miserable it feels.
  2. Sorry to hear that happened, how did your teeth feel after all that yacking?
  3. well i washed my mouth out after every session...stomache acid doesnt taste the best ya know heh...but im sure it was pretty hard on my teeth
  4. u really did stay drunk for a month? how did that work out? lol and u puked for a month too? or u mean it seemed like it cause damn it sure felt like forever when i was goin thru it...
  5. ya.. sucks when ur outa weed... just smoke ur girl out a lot to make up for it =P
  6. i did the same thing in the bahamas..... im not gonna elaborate exactly how much i drank ( for the fear of disgusting all of you) but in short.... i ended up yacking in a taxi, then being tossed in the wrong room and throwing up blood all night... the next day when i awoke covered in vomitnot being able to handle light, food or anything....... laid in beed for most of the day then finially managed to drink a cple screwdrivers ater that eveinging... the orange juice / alcohol gave me a lil kick start that i needed to kill the pain.

    i9t was a horrible expiriance that i would deffinitly go through again...... i was an expiriance of a life time... :D
  7. This why Mary is a sweet soft woman compared to that old grubby man that is Hard Liquor!

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