Alcohol or Weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Krispy Kush, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. I'd say alcohol because it lasts longer, fucks your shit up more and you can play games with it...BEER PONG CHAMP

    YES I KNOW THIS IS A MARIJUANA's just my personal opinion
  2. I'n loyal to Mary Jane, she's my girl.
  3. thread number 42069 on this topic.

    But weed>Alcohol
  4. They're both sweet.
    Alcohol is better for parties I guess, more people will drink than smoke + you can play drinking games.

    But for just chilling with a friend or two I'd rather get realllllllly----------------------reallly stoned and go to the movies or something.
  5. weed all day!

    i get very very hungover no matter how much or how little i drink, its not worth how shitty i feel the next day, shit aint that much fun.

    i have not even had a beer since i turned 21
  6. Weed.... for health reasons, if nothing else. that and i hardly drink but when i drink one night, i feel like an alcoholic for like a week, I crave it... So I know me drinking much to often would be bad. Just sometimes socially, you know, when in rome...

    But really, weed.... totally.

    if you want practical reasons, weed is easier to hide and bring places...

    And if you don't think weed fucks you up enough, you don't smoke enough of the right weed. I will agree alcohol fucks you up more, but not in a good way really. I can smoke till I pass out for like 6 hours, provided I have decent weed. Stop being a bitch and actully get high before putting weed down. It just doesn't make you forget like... who you are... lets you cope with emotional problems, not erase them.
  7. Are you kidding me? Marijuana, without a doubt.
  8. If your only criteria is what will get you the most fucked up, alcohol is the clear winner. Personally, I have other factors such as whats healthier, the aftermath, and whats better to just chill with.
  9. Taking everything into consideration, and I've said this a hundred times....I choose MJ every single time and place hands down. Alcohol doesn't do anything POSITIVE for your mind state. It just fucks you up, and makes you feel sick because its poison. And thats not even taking into consideration which one is bad for your body.
  10. I regard alcohol as a "dirty" drug. It never actually makes you feel good, just more and more fucked up.

    Marijuana on the other hand makes you feel happy and relaxed, it makes you not care about all the little things that you usually find annoying and it makes you think deeply about all sorts of things that you otherwise wouldn't have spent time thinking about.

    Marijuana ftw!
  11. Just a couple beers, nothing crazy, then a bowl. That's my favorite.

  12. seconded
  13. This thread has been done many times. Please use the search button. -Trikky
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