Alcohol or Pot with friends?

Discussion in 'General' started by MarijuanaKills, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. I love marijuana. I would say its probably safe to say that I love marijuana a lot more then alcohol, seeing as how even though both are fun, marijuana has actually taught me something besides how to have sex for hours upon hours straight, and how to have stairs temporarily be an obstacle course. This brings me to the main point of my topic.

    Does anyone else agree with me that alcohol just shits allover weed when it comes to social events? I mean don't get me wrong, getting high with other people is insanely fun, and an awesome way to meet people, and I love smoking with everybody. However, I feel that theres nothing like a night of drinking to bring people together.

    Getting shitfaced drunk with a bunch of people is always just such a memorable experience. Alcohol turns people into worry free, crazy, funny, just easy to get along with people (albeit alcohol does turn some people into drunken assholes, but thats pretty rare). Getting loud and routy, having everyone else in the room just feel like a super cool pimp, having everyone you meet seem like they have the temporary potential to be your best friend, people saying stuff they wouldn't usually say, just the general environment at a drinking event seems to get me in the best mood I have ever been in.

    I usually don't like to compare the two (alcohol and pot) because I know they are both very different, but seeing as how they are both socially used to get high, I figured why not. I guess this is more of an alcohol appreciation type of thing then it is a comparison of the two. But still, I just wanted to get other peoples opinion on this.
  2. Since i absolutely hate passing my joints/ blunts, i usually smoke my weed alone. you've hit the bullseeye, alcohol is far better for social events.
  3. Yes, I absolutely love alcohol over weed in social events, that doesn't mean I don't combine the two though. At big parties i'll usually drink for a while, and when i'm drunk as fuck walk outside and smoke a blunt or a few bowls. When it's just me and 2-3 other guys though, i'd much rather smoke.
  4. haha remembering getting shit faced is usualy pretty rare for me
    but i dont see why anyone would have to choose, combining the two makes for 10x the fun
  5. Getting high is fun to do by yourself or with others. Drinking by yourself isn't very fun so I always drink with other people. Both kinda make me forgetful as to anything other than the fact taht i had fun. So its not the best way to get close to people as i dont remember what happened and what was said, but it is a good way to start a friendship.
  6. sometimes me and my girl go to a social event...but were normally stoned already...and we drink...good times....

    but i have to agree, id much rather drink beers at a party, than be long as hard alcohol doesnt come out, and i dont get overly drunk (i have a problem...his name is jim beam)...i like being just beer drunk...
  7. Exactly..
  8. Drinking at parties with huge groups of people is always a memorable experience in my book. Weed is great too, but I know a lot more people that drink than smoke.

    Why not mix the best of both worlds? Drink at the parties with everyone, run off to somewhere secluded for a little bit and burn some blunts with a couple of yoru best buddies. That's how I like to do it .
  9. I have to agree with you, getting drunk i think is a more social thing. when i get high around people i dont know i get really really shy and dont want to try and interract with them, but when im drunk i want to become everybodys best friend.

    the way i look at it is alcohol is a party drug, weed is a enhancement drug for pretty much everything (meaning it makes everything that much better)
  10. for me smoking is for kickbacks and drunk is for parties but thats me
  11. the downside of getting shitfaced (or getting shitfaced then smoking) is the possibility of getting sick and the possibility of having a hangover in the morning...

    i like smoking cause i can have fun at parties more easily, i think, but i don't like drinking TOO much cause i hate vomiting... you know?
  12. irish ftw!
    haha ive had one hangover in my life and that was from a night i took a handle of jack and turned it upside down in a chuging contest and drank that shit like a fish (i won ofcourse:p)
    lol all my friends hate how i can get completely shitfaced and wake up the next morning and be completely straight while theyre all fealing like they wish they were never born
  13. Alcohol is THE social drug.

    But, eh, whatever you can still mix them fine. I was sipping back some Vodka-mixes last night at a party, then a few minutes later the party moved from the basement to the garage to start puffing on a phatty spliff.
  14. im pretty sure im in the majority when i say i agree lol

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