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Alcohol on 4/20?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tastyblunt7, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. i'm steel reserve drunk. on 4/23.
  2. man i got drunk as fuck and smoked lots of weed.
    was a great time.
    skyy vodka'd it up
  3. vodka...are you a girl?
  4. #24 Jazzyj, Apr 23, 2013
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    You think vodka's only for girls? Are you in high school? :p

    Totally a girl, right?

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  5. I got drunk the past two 420s fuck it it adds to the awesomeness
  6. I started at 11 AM and went till 4 AM. May have been the most fucked I have been, but it sucked I didn't get to smoke. I definitely should have got in some trouble, got some good stories from this 420 lol
  7. I'd have to say I'm of the "Don't drink, period" opinion.

    Drunk people suck -- hardcore -- feel?
  8. 4/20 for me is a holiday mainly for getting high as fuck, but you already know I'm gonna be getting my drank on.

    Vladmir Putin would chop off your nuts if you said that to his face. You don't fuck with Mother Russia, Mother Russia fucks with you.

  9. vodkas only for girls@!!!!!212111!@!! ahahahaha!!!! you're such a GIRL!!111!@!2!@!!1!!@#!#$2!
  10. James Bond and every Russian ever would disagree.
  11. Vodka redbull. What would be better for 420
  12. Cannabis, cannabis concentrates
  13. why would you assume i'm female, is the nail polish tasting liquid not man enough?
    i'm a male.
  14. Cops 2-pound joint: Cops confiscate a massive joint during 4/20 celebration

  15. ^That's hilarious. Look at everyone cheering on in the back
  16. A cousin I lived with in Vancouver for a while couldn't find any weed one 4/20 (no idea how she couldn't find weed in Vancouver, WA..).. But she ended up just getting drunk lol, so sometimes it's necessary.

    Personally though, if you enjoy drinking, why the hell not? When i'm really fucked up i'll only take one or two bong rips and be high as fuck lol

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