Alcohol kills the pain

Discussion in 'General' started by ganjaherbtoker, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Yes it does folks. May kill the liver also, but at least I have some pleasure. When life goes to shit alcohol is the cure. :D
  2. Weed is the cure. Getting drunk daily is gross as fuck.
  3. Careful, my friend. It can be a slippery slope!

    Enjoy it tonight ;)
  4. I'm allergic to weed. Who ever said I was drunk daily? Chill with the self-righteousness.
  5. I never said you were drinking daily... I said getting drunk daily is sickening, it had nothing to do with you...

  6. If people want to kill their liver, let them. It may be better than their crappy life.
  7. That pleasure that comes with alcohol tends to hurt a lot more the next day. Well in my case a matter of hours after consumption haha.

    I used to be able to drink a lot but not any more, I miss getting drunk occasionally without vomiting. But I took it as a sign that there's other things to spend my money on, things that are much more rewarding.
  8. A nice glass of Jack or scotch is always a treat.
  9. Using alcohol(or any drug) as an escape mechanism is a good way to develop a serious problem

    But I don't see how people can use alcohol or other drugs to make them feel good in shitty times. If I feel like shit and I get drunk, I just feel 10x shittier. If I feel happy and get drunk I get 10x happier. It never really changes how I feel like some people claim it does for them..
  10. People don't understand that just because you're an alcoholic it doesn't mean your life is in complete shambles. A lot of people develop drinking problems...turn their life around....maybe or maybe not go sober for a while and then are able to drink only on occasion. Being an alcoholic doesn't mean you have to drink every single night...there's way more to it than that. I'm an alcoholic but now I only drink when life is going good, I know if life is shitty then if I drink it'll only lead me down a wrong path. Just cracked open a beer btw :).

  11. I don't feel like shit it I get to that level of drunk just before going to the hospital. I used to throw up if I drank this much, not anymore . I'm not going to sugar coat it, it's definitely self-destructive. It makes me wonder why other, less destructive substances are illegal. Grasscity is crooked.
  12. the plan was to drink until the pain over

    but whats worse the pain or the hangover
  13. You're not an alcoholic then.

    I remember people calling me an alcoholic sometimes when I was in highschool because I mentioned that I liked to get drunk at home while alone and play videogames and talk on the phone. I never understood how people got that idea.

    An alcoholic is somebody who is seriously addicted to the shit in that they need it to get through the day. Without it they're a complete mess.. but then again with it they're a mess to. It's one of those things you can't function without but you can't function with it either. That "can't function" thing is the best way to describe what a drug addiction is really like I've come to learn.

    You don't sound like that type from what you wrote
  14. damn whats with all the hate on alcohol.
  15. Yeah I drank half a 40 of captain morgans yesterday and a couple beers

    ONLY because I'm out of bud and had a shit day tho :metal:
  16. I'm the definition of an alcoholic.

    I drink alone. One beer leads to 13 every single time. If I have alcohol in my possession, or in front of me, even if it's not mine, I drink it, most of the time at least. I drink to gain confidence and other things. I'm just smart about it and have very a strong mind. I go to AA meetings on occasion which helps a lot. I've been to rehab for alcohol addiction twice. I understand the addiction really well and my life is good enough now I don't need it everyday for morning to night anymore.

    People overrate the definition of "alcoholic" vastly. Not every alcoholics life is fucked up. I used to get physical withdrawals but now I don't for whichever reasons. But ya...once an alcoholic always an alcoholic. If I go to meetings and tell them my story and then try and tell them I'm not an alcoholic they'll only laugh at me.
  17. Fair enough. I understand addiction can be different than everybody, so I guess my previous description may have been a bit closeminded in ways. I just know that everybody I've seen who would be described as an "alcoholic" has went that way, and when I was addicted to some stuff back in the day it really felt like I couldn't function with it and I couldn't function without it. It was weird. Not something I enjoyed though, and I didn't even fall nearly as deep into it like some people do.

    Best of luck with it though dude. Don't let anything get too out of hand if you can. If you ever feel like you want/need it I'm sure GC will offer as much help as it can (being a net forum and all >.>)
  18. I'm in a drunk driving course right now because I got a DUI last may and my teacher singled me out since I'm young and asked if I was an alcoholic and my main reasoning was because "once I start drinking I never stop" and the teacher responded "Some of the biggest alcoholics may drink only 4 times a year."

    I'm just lucky I was forced into treatment at a young age early in the addiction before it escalated into something too terrible.

    I've always been more about weed and mind expansion which has helped me as well, alcohol was mainly a way to cope with anxiety in the first place and then it started to develop into something worse, which is when I started getting help. Getting DUI's was the best thing that happened to me maybe because I was forced to hang out with alcoholics in treatment and whatnot.

    I just consider myself so lucky and my life is going really well right now after being so depressed and dissatisfied for such a long time. I'm so happy and that's why I feel I can drink tonight and not have to worry about getting more once I'm done.

    By no means am I encouraging people to become alcoholics though, I'm very very lucky to have people that care about me in my life because without them I'd still be drinking all the time or dead.

  19. I get drunk(wasted) at lest once a week but would never drive drunk. If I'm going to fuck up my own life, so be it. I'm not going to end someone else's life because of it.

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