Alcohol. Isn't it strange?

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  1. Alcohol is really a strange intoxicant.. Last night we were chilling, having a good time at a bon(g)fire. Needless to say, I got drunk. Its just strange how you can be drinking, feeling fine, and then BAM! you realize your trashed. I don't remember the latter part of the night, which also brings me to another strange characteristic of alcohol. blacking out. Why does one black out after drinking too much? Does any other drug elicit this?

    Anywho, heres to waking up and ACTUALLY having everything you started the night with (phone, keys, wallet, nugs)


    Hangovers suck.
  2. ^ Yes they do suck.

    Alcohol slows the speed at which your brain receives signals from other parts of your body. Yea...I hate feeling fine then BAM you realize you are completely trashed a polished off a 12 pack some how, crazy shit.
  3. cheers to waking up with everything. I'm layin off the sauce, i've lost 3 phones in the last month because i black out and forget what i did with them.:Dhaha
  4. Yeah, Alchohol sucks. You always end up crashing some place, usually dropping your wallet, keys, etc, and blacking out. Might as well drink at home, but no because it'll be depressing to drink alone. Okay, so lets just not drink.
  5. I'm really good at keeping all of my stuff when I'm totally blacked out. I usually just end up sleeping in the backseat of my car, so I just gotta look on the floor or seat for what I had the night before. But I'm usually missing my cigs because I chainsmoke when I'm shablasted.
  6. you drank too much too fast...just slow down and know your limit. What were you drinking?
  7. xanax or benzos in general with some drinks or just high doses alone will make you blackout
  8. I drink too fast.
    Chugging is my specialty. :(
  9. I stopped at the liquor store on my way home from work and picked up a deuce-deuce of Rogue American Amber Ale to enjoy during tonight's Red Sox/Yankees game

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    I've only ever blacked out once...that was after about 20 different drinks total over the span of about 4 hours, with a good deal of weed thrown into the mix. Chugging 4 shots of vodka and orange juice (when I was already trashed) was what pushed me over the edge.

    I was lucky when I blacked out cause I was indoors. All I ended up doing was trashing my friend's apartment while being drunk and clumsy, in addition to vomiting on his couch. :eek:

    Some of my friends have blacked out at a party, walked many miles across town, and then suddenly "came to" on a golf course, not remembering anything. That would be a bit too far for my liking. :eek:

    Most of the time when I drink it's to get mildly or moderately drunk. I'll down anywhere from 6-10 beers or a handful of shots and smoke some weed. Gets me feeling great but not totally fucked. In my opinion drinking to get vomiting drunk every single time is a bit counter productive and only makes you look like an idiot.
  11. xanies and booze are def responsible for the weed, pipe, and cellphone i lost friday. I guess i was throwing handfuls of rocks at a university building across the street from my house :confused: i dont know how i didnt go to jail.
  12. aww man bummer i did the same shit!

    i lost my wallet one night with like 40 bucks a couple lines of blow and my drivers licence :(

    we must learn to pace our selves i actually have since that happened it was awhile ago

  13. lmfao classic
  14. Truth.

    i suck at setting limits, if i'm going drink sum nasty booze i usually drink to fall down :D ...which is bad.
  15. Just learn to casually enjoy a couple of beers, or take it easy with the shots. Really give alcohol the time it needs to set in and enjoy it. I don't drink hard liqour for this reason - before you know it you are thrashed and still taking shots. Drinking alchohol responsibly is fun and will give you good times, just know your limitations.

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