Alcohol imo can be shitty.

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  1. Simple as this when I smoke cannabis i feel extremely fucked up, but in control. When I drink alcohol I feel like my body is being controlled by someone else. Like I'm some delirious obnoxious zombie. I swear alcohol makes me way more intoxicated after moderate drinking than cannabis does after heavy smoking. Also a smoking hangover for me is a little tiredness while a drinking hangover is well.... bad. I sometimes ,as well as basically every other smoker, wonder why it's still legalized? There has to be something other than it's effects to why the government still isn't legalizing this. :confused:

    I know some people are wondering the point of this post I guess it's just a stupid venting thing lol.
  2. Alcohol is awesome. I wish I had some
  3. Because we tried making it illegal and it didn't work.

    No drug is for everybody though, so some people naturally wont take well to drinking. I personally like it a lot
  4. Maybe you just have to figure out out much you can drink and have a good time before turning into a "delirious obnoxious zombie".
    Some people can't drink. It happens.

    I like drinking, but I don't go overboard with it.
  5. i like drinking, but then i dont like it. its a love/hate thing i guess.
  6. Alcohal is much more capable of causing destruction than marijuana, but if your pro weed anti alcohal then you might as well be anti weed, because both are drugs that we should have the right to use
  7. I'm not saying i'm anti alcohol I just don't like those people that say weed is a sin when they drink themselves sober every weekend. I like a good buzz just not being flat out wasted.
  8. socially its a fun thing to have, so is cannabis

    just know your limits and its something great here and there
  9. I'm two days away from being 60 days sober from alcohol.

    I think the low point was waking up hungover out of my mind at the Bellagio in Vegas and having no recollection on how I lost all my money in the first night and having to have friends wire me $100 to eat and catch a cab to the airport.

    One minute I was paying a stripper $1,500 for bottle service and then it all goes blank.
  10. Alcohol won't become illegal for a LONG LONG time. As we can see, prohibition failed during the 1920's, thus making Al Capone's run around and run cities, cops on pay-rolls, people getting sick and dying from bathtub gin.

    Same thing is happening with weed. Mexican cartels are being fueled by weed, and will continue to do so unless it is legalized.
  11. For me it was the social stigmas that went along with alcohol. When I was a young professional working in a huge city, the guy who had the job I wanted was out boozing after work during happy hour. The boss invited the office to his huge house for dinner and more booze. The 5'6 100lb models I wanted to bang could always be found at the bar. When I was at the point I knew I had a problem, I couldn't stop because I associated alcohol use with successful people.
  12. I love drinking. There's nothing more refreshing after a long day at work than a nice cold pint in the pub with friends.

    Much, much, much prefer weed though.
  13. This is what you do. Don't drink past your limit.
  14. I'd take a freshly packed bong bowl over a beer any day. :bongin:
  15. Uh... Ever hear of something called addiction or even physical dependence?

  16. yea but that's begun by drinking past your limits.

  17. Or by starting to drink at a young age, like 13 and shit.
  18. Man, you guys have some pretty B&W views on addiction.

    I never touched alcohol until I was 18. I guess you could say it was something straight from an episode of Intervention. The first time I got drunk it was like I was blind and now I could see. I could talk to anyone, even smokin' hot girls I could never even look at sober. Any stress or trouble instantly went away. I felt part of a group since I was never really into any sports. Even though I slurred my words and stumbled like an idiot, my mind felt at ease and in control.

    From that day on, I was a 0 or a 10. Not drinking wasn't such a big deal but if I were going to have one beer, it would always turn into hammer time.
  19. Well it's a poison...

    Anything that your body obviously rejects upon consumption is no bueno. But I still get fucked up from time to time
  20. I love alcohol. I wish I could be drunk 24/7 without the side effects or withdrawal. I try to keep my intake to 4 beers a day but sometimes I go to 6 a day

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