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Alcohol for drug screens?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LBC_Fader, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. I am wondering if you drink alcohol will it help get rid of THC like of duiretics? It sucks I am being drug screened every wekk for the next 3 months and most likely will have to stop smoking unless I can find a way to pass. Also if alcohol does work , how effective is it in getting rid of THC? Thanks
  2. u can get those pills where your clean in an hour for like 27 bucks
  3. my friend got some of those detox pills and he still failed his test. They dont work... but they give you 110% of what you paid for them if you do fail... but he lost the reciet, so he doesnt get his money back, and he go's to military school for the second semester of his junior year in high school. Which sucks for him!
  4. Military school!!! what the fuck is this shit?

    what do you do at it? Here in Ireland oh my god everything is so different whenever i read these posts i feel sorry for some of them and just think of how strong the authority is and how serious they take everything, just take drugs and relax.
  5. i know if you have a week or so before a test you can just drink a shitload of water and try to piss it all out of your system..... when i drink beer, i find that i have to pee badly like every 15 minutes, the stuff runs right through you so it might be a good thing.

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