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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mrmrmrmr, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Is any one familiar with mixing these? I have the opportunity tonight but I'm not to sure. The edible in question has 2g's of mid which is a good amount. The alcohol is just beer, so I'd like to get perspectives from anyone who has experience with both in the same sitting.
  2. Almost every night.....

    I start with a one gram edible. Beer/alcohol chaser....maybe two beers....wait till the edible kicks in....then smoke,chase with more beer

    The key is moderation and knowing limits....I know how strong my edibles are and my tolerance. And I know how many drinks it takes to get blasted. I skirt below both so I don't overdo it

    Report back with pictures of your edible and drinks and a blow by blow time line....threads like this can be fun
  3. I got you. I'll just have to adjust the high with alcohol intake to get to that perfect faded level.
    What do you think works more smoothly, beer or liquor ?
  4. I'm a fan of vodka....and brownies....

    Moderation is key with booze....too much and you get the spins....
  5. Haha the spins are what I'm worried about. Not trying to lose my dinner tonight lol. I have a firecracker though, not as heavy duty as a brownie.
    But vodka is my thing ! Love grey goose.
  6. Grey Goose and Orange Juice
  7. [quote name='"l James l"']Grey Goose and Orange Juice[/quote]

    This guy knows
  8. It's always been fine for me, I just wait for edibles to kick in good before drinking to avoid overdoing it
  9. Im considering doing this tonight.
  10. i recently had a 1.5g firecracker(if you aren't familiar with firecrackers....thats strong) because i thought it was about half that. I then followed the eddie with hours of drinking games with the buddies. I ended up passing out around 7 pm because we had been going since noon...
    best way to celebrate your birthday
  11. Yea i ate some dank butter i made last night and went to a party afterwards.. Once the alcohol kicked in i was trippin by all the commotion around me haha.

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