alcohol changed me

Discussion in 'General' started by iWarren2thag, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Yeah, real men drink until they're face breaks out in acne and turns all red and splotchy.
  2. Can we turn this thread into a member like we did with SgtBased?

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  3. Dude you look horrible stop drinking.
  4. Dude your ugly
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  5. you look like you aged 15 years within 3 years
    put down the bottle yo 
  6. You drink a lot of whiskey? 
  7. Alcohol causes breakouts? Didn't know that. Working at mcdonalds fucked my face up for several years.
  8. Thats rite mickeys all day

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  9. i don't think he stood much of a chance with or without the alcohol. You fucking idiots know alcohol doesn't make you have bad acne right?
  10. And you really thought your point was super relevant to this conversation which has been dead for 3 years?

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  11. Forgive me father mod for I have sinned. I honestly searched for an approriate 'heh' gif to visualize my distaste for the fool above but this has to be shared...

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