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Alcohol and Peeing?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by One Truth, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. So im chillin drinking some beers and doing lines of Phenlyphrine (don't ask) and Im holding my piss in haha, I heard that peeing means you get less out of the alcohol you consumed thats waiting in your liver to eneter the bloodstream... Is that true? ha

  2. ahha just let it go, I dont see how you can get drunk and not piss 50 times but good on ya
  3. Yea man it takes alot for me to get drunk, so ill be drinking quite a lot of beers so i gotta pee real bad and it hurts! haha
  4. Drinking and trying to hold your piss results in pissing yourself, been there done that.
  5. Since when does urine come from your liver? lol

    No, that's absolutely not true OP
  6. Eh bladder liver whatever!
    Hopefully I don't piss myself cause I forgot I had to pee real bad like 5 mins ago, but know I could cause a flood
  7. Thisss.
  8. Yea thanks for clearing that up ended up pissing 9 times anyway :hello:

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