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  1. We all know that the drug propaganda is bull shit. Well the ones who pay for the bullshit alcohol and tobacco companies. So that means that whenever you buy a case of beer or a pack of cigs, you are directly contributing to keeping weed illegal. So i have decided to stop drinking and smoking (cigs). Another big contributer to the bullshit is drug companies. So i have decided to stop taking all of the unnecessary medication that i have. I think if all stoners did this, then the alcohol, tobacco, and drug companies will lose billions of dollars. Idk just an idea :smoking:
  2. And everyone shouldn't buy gas on Tuesday, it would cost the oil companies billions and they'd have to lower gas prices.

  3. while we're at it lets not pay taxes that'll show those stupid politicians....

    but on another note, if not to stick it to the big companies, alcohol and cigs aren't particularly healthy
  4. Can't tell if your serious of sarcastic.

    Im not trying to tell people they should quit, im just saying i am and this is the reason why. Im not out for their blood or anything however they are the funders behing the war on weed. don't join me if you don't want to.
  5. Hell yea, who cares if it won't make a big difference. Its bullshit to support these industries. That is alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical.
  6. You couldn't see the sarcasm dripping off my post? :p But yeah, I was just pokin' fun at ya.

    Oh, spongebong is an awesome show! haha
  7. well now that you mention it i can kinda see a little sarcasm hiding in the corner. haha but yeah spongebong is my hero. (sorta)
  8. uh im not gonna give up on cigerettes just because I want to be labeled as a extreme anti drug illegal person....
  9. that aint gonna work at all no offense. alcohol and cigs are waay to good to give up
  10. Some people enjoy their livers.
  11. And some people don't like inhaling lead

  12. Lol MobBarley is banned. Ever since he joined i thought he had a cool name.
    and op, Its not a bad idea but i dont think it would work to well. and to modderxtr, If people didnt buy gas one day a week it would go down ALOT lol
  13. Dude I might be able to quit everything except pharmacuticals, they won't be prescribed to me tho I swear. :smoking:
  14. Lots people to use it for body relax, reduce their stress, depression and more.
  15. Do you have any concrete evidence that the Tobacco/Alcohol/Pharmaceutical industries offer direct financial support to anti-drug advertisments and propaganda?
  16. This.
    AboveTheInfluence's sources are pretty sketchy, as in they don't show much more than an acronym and a date. ex: Weed is bad (HKDY, 1992).
    I see it claimed all the time that the alcohol and cigarette companies are behind the anti-weed propaganda, but never any evidence. Weed mixes well with both, and people who smoke weed are often the type who drink and smoke cigarettes as well. It's not like it's a choice between one or the other; they all have different effects.
  17. I love what youre about OP, I would do the same but I dont think it would have a huge effect and I like alcohol.

    The American government prides itself on the tobacco and alcohol industry here. They are the American recreational drugs that have lasted us for hundreds of years. But when we also look at the history of MJ. The first five presidents grew it, the declaration of independence was written on it, it was used medicinally before prohibition, its about time to legalize it and distribute it like alcohol. I just hope it never gets to be like cigarettes. 20 joints in a pack sounds great but I think that mass producing precious herb will lead to a bad rep just like cigs. Keep fighting the power! :smoking:
  18. grow your own tobacco and make your own beer.
  19. beer is doable but tobacco is actually a pretty difficult plant to grow, it would be quite impractical for a personal sized tobacco farm.
  20. Not necessarily. Growing tobacco is orders of magnitude more simple than growing Cannabis. You could grow 10-20 plants, indoors in a Florida room, or outdoors in a small gardern, and make it the equivalent of a "perpetual grow" and never have to buy your own tobacco again.

    How To Grow Tobacco

    This webiste offers some helpful tips, although ultimately, I think they want you to buy their e-Book.

    But they have a good foundation. :)

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