Alcohol and brain damage

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    So whats the verdict people? whats you personal experience, say someone drinks a couple of times a week(medium intake) for lets say 10 years, would that affect their intelligence in a considerable or inconsiderable matter? i dont know the science behind this, so i need some opinions

  2. I don't think a couple times a week at medium intake will do much noticeable damage to the brain. I could be wrong though... And you always gotta factor in that everyone is different. I've known lifelong alcoholics that were still as smart as can be. And other people that get wet brain before their 40
  3. you dont need opinions, you need the science haha
    goto and goto the alcohol section and check all the off site resources and journal entries and news articles and research articles n shit.
    your gonna get a whole lot of bullshit just asking for a pot head forums opinion...
  4. ^
    yeah you are probably right bro, but im not the type to base my opinions on random peoples opinion, i just wanna hear some personal accounts :)
    i agree, i know some people who have drunk ridicoulous amounts yet are entirely intelligent people to deal with, and other who seem damaged by it
    i know erowid, i a loyal member haha, but sometimes its nice to hear the average joes opinion
  5. I think it has a lot to to with diet and lifestyle too. For example, someone who gets all of their daily values of vitamins and nutrients and challenges their mind might be less likely to develop wet brain than someone who sits on the couch and eats potato chips.

    After all, wet brain is clinically described as a thiamine deficiency..
  6. My grandpa had severe alcohol induced dementia, so yeah I think it's safe to say that it can cause brain damage. 

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