alcohol absorption through skin and lungs

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  1. So a friend of mine told me that you can actually get drunk by absorbing alcohol through your skin..I've heard of inhaling alcohol (vaporized somehow) but this skin absorption really blew my mind..I did some quick research and there are studies proving that it IS possible.

    Has anyone heard of this? Seems like it would be something fun to experiment with, my friend told me he filled a sink with liquor, placed his hands in it for an undetermined amount of time and got drunk..what interests me most though is inhaling vaporized alcohol, I saw some video on youtube about putting dry ice in liquor and inhaling the carbon dioxide but it seemed like it was fake- plus inhaling too much CO2 can be bad for you.

    What do you guys think? please discuss
  2. Ive heard fucked up stories of girls that soak tampons in alcohol.
  3. some of my roomates used to pour 40's into a humidifier, it made their whole room smell like nasty ass cheap beer, but i swear you'd sit in the room for twenty minutes just breathing in the air and you'd be drunk.
  4. no fucking way, i'm down with getting drunk in ways other thank drinking. except the tampon thing..really you heard some chick do that? that takes some ovaries..:eek:

    and what does a humidifier do technically?
  5. Ill drinks my drinks, thanks though. Itll be interesting to see some of these replies once everyone WAKES UP
  6. You know what I like about GC. Some crazy sounding shit from one stoner to another isn't automatically discredited because we're informed and aware of the actual affects of marijuana, not making a biased decision. If I told my mom this she'd tell me to quit smoking. :eek:
  7. Ehh, were pretty openminded people, unless of course the idea is just too stupid not to say something.
  8. yeah i tried this one night. In no way was i gonna do it so i started talking to girls about it and a bunch of them wanted to try it out. She laid on my bed and was actually willing to lay their and talk to me while i laid a washcloth that had been soaked in vodka accross her forhead. She said that she felt drunk but not like if she was drinking. Ill never know how it went cause after that we just started taking shots and the night went on :) One thing though she reaked of vodka and the part of her forhead where the cloth was had the makeup taken right off. Good thing she didnt haft to wear very much. I laughed very hard and i dont recomend this in anyway to anyone else, but i do recomened finding a random friend to try it.
  9. Is drinking a beer so awful that you want to soak yourself in alcohol to get a buzz?

  10. No way bro! I think all forms of alcohol taste bad but you can get used to it and eventually like it. In no way would i soak myself but alot of people HATE the taste of alcohol.
  11. I can't imagine not enjoying a good beer. :eek:
  12. some people just dont bro. Ive become parcial to Rolling Rock Extra pale as of late.

  13. I'm not a bro :p

    No Rolling Rock for me... I'd rather have a Guinness. Come to think of it, I could take a bath in Guinness.

  14. MMM Guinness, a bath in it doesn't sound too bad either.

  15. haha guinness is not to bad but its a lil heavy for me. Im going to the brewery in Ireland over the summer when i take a trip overseas so its not like i dont love the beer. Its just a lil to heavy for me to have as a usual drink

    but i will say that an irish car bomb is the shit
  16. indeed good sir indeed!!!!

    and the tampon thing does work....alot of "recovering" female alcoholics will try too use tampons so alot of rehab places make you use pads instead of tampons...
  17. ah my bad girl. there was no way for me to know so i just guessed.
  18. also works for males....not something i would try i like drinking it

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