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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LBC213, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Anybody esle suffer from this?

    Seems every time I am pretty wasted on booze, I smoke part of a joint and just end up passing out right after?

    Happens most of the time to me I think, or the last 3 I can remember(since I mostly drink or smoke weed when I have enough money, never together.) The best weed mix I had was pills(x) with weed and some drink but I only ever tried it over like 3 months(about 1-2 years ago) and never since(was pretty much just a phase) but still I never can seem to mix the two together(alchohol+weed.)
  2. Yeh, I've done this a few times.
    Drink about 2 bottles of some bacardi limon with my homie, and smoked a dub of some upper mids.

    Not only was I shit faced drunk, I was stoned. At first it was cool...
    then every time I blinked, i was in a different room throwing up.
    I passd out and woke up in the woods about 50 feet from the house.
    I was still stoned so it was hilarious, but looking back at it...
    bad idea. lol.

    now i just stick to sticky icky :smoke:
  3. think is I am pretty drunk right now and feel like rolling one but don't want to end up too f**** up and end up passing out on my bed or some shit lol
  4. When I drink and smoke I get so so so DIZZY. It gets pretty intense. I call it getting twisted. :cool: Feels good man.
  5. that's how I feel, every time since that I try to stick to one(although I havent been on the weed much till now) but have been drinking tonight and have some green on me(havent had both in like 6months+ but just feel like sticking to the drink but the green is just whispering to me lol
  6. idk where i heard this but i now live by it...
    Grass before beer you'll steer clear...
    Beer before grass youll end up on your ass...
    Drinking before smoking for me always ends up worse..
  7. exactly, usually if I drink at a friends house/flat I drink alot(since if something happens not like some bouncer is going to chuck you out) so it's fine, then light one up and past two times I've woken up at 8am not remembering what had happened since the start of the night, I think it's because you feel so fucked up in the hour you are awake, then pass out and forget the past 3 hours or so when you were concious lol
  8. yeah that's the thing, most of the time(expect once) I've drank before the weed and ended up just literalyl passing out on the couch or wherever, this time I'm in my house and feel like rolling one but want to watch tv etc and would hate it if I just passed out after and waking up at like 3pm lol
  9. Nothing beats a L after a party bruh haha.:cool:
  10. man no, i used to smoke constant bowl after bowl all night and drink a 12 pack to myself in a span of 3 hours.
  11. love that qoute!:D I'll try n remember it
  12. Beer and Weed is all you need.


    Why do people get themselves addicted to coke and heroin, when they can get fucked up on a little bit of alcohol and budski!?
  13. Alcohol + Weed = Crazy. Your just totally fucked up. Weed + E = Okay but it kinda kills the E high imo
  14. hahah yessir! I love that quote, and usually when I go against it, thats when I get really fucked up which isn't a bad thin:Dg...but usually it puts me over the top which usually means throwing up...
  15. I used to have a couple shots of 151 then smoke up a lot. Then drink tall cans of Amsterdam blonde lager. It was an orgasm in my mouth each sip and I couldnt stop drinking them. probably would have about 5 and by that time I was just so fucked up that I didnt want to do anything because I just couldnt concentrate on the movie I was watching so I would just go to sleep.
  16. Fixed.

    But I really have no issue with either, it's just like I'm drunk but it's a bit trippy or I'm high but I want to go clubbing and go pick up girls.
  17. smoke the weed then get ur liquor on. doesnt fuck u up so bad
  18. Despite the fact that it's general knowledge that you probably shouldn't drink and smoke simultaneously, it's still pretty fun now and then. I wouldn't overdo it if you're heading out, but it's always fun smoking at the end of the night. It's an experience you definitely don't get alone from either one. Normally it does make me dizzy and fucked up, but it's still fun to experiment with it.
  19. yeah i never mix,it makes the room spin,haha...never a good thing:smoke:

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